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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

Today, Matt and Garrett have a couple of incredible stories of just what it means to be an advisor in real estate and the benefits that arise from that role. As trusted advisors, you may forfeit the sale directly in front of you, but you will gain that raving fan that will result in those incredibly valuable referrals. For Ninjas, forging relationships is paramount, and today’s episode shows you how a couple of agents have taken that to heart, and how you can do the same.


Stories from Sonia Guardado of Round Rock, Texas, and Paul Schnaitter of Fort Collins, Colorado, are offered as prime examples of the power of being a trusted advisor in this episode, with our hosts highlighting the reasons behind this power. Along the way, they emphasize the importance of forming lasting relationships, unlocking referrals, shifting your mindset from selling to advising, and asking the right questions and then really listening to the answers. In this episode, you will learn from our two experts just how taking on that trusted advisor role can result in a lasting relationship with your people, and miracle business for you.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Sonia Guardado’s story
  •   The goal of being an advisor
  •   Unlocking referrals
  •   Paul Schnaitter’s story
  •   Looking for relationships
  •   The mindset shift from selling to advising
  •   Asking the right questions and really listening to the answers




“You telling me that it’s okay to stay makes me feel so much better.”


“Within the next week, Sonia got two really good referrals, I think maybe even 3.”


“He ‘s now got a total raving fan that knows that he’s not just about the sale.”


“The number one complaint from working with real estate agents is that the real estate agent disappeared after the sale.”


“Don’t get attached to the outcome.”


“You’re not looking for the sales, you’re looking for relationships.”


“You create these raving fans, and that’s where miracle business comes from.”


“We’re helping people through a transaction…we’re not selling anybody anything at all.”


“It’s a mindset shift…a belief system shift about who you are and what your role is in this business.”


“Ninja is 100% set up to allow you to be the advisor, but you have to ask the questions.”


“The need for your services and in an advisor role in this time right now is one like I’ve never seen at any time I’ve been involved in real estate.”



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