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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jun 24, 2021

Success is something that we all strive for, but today’s episode looks at the different ways success can take form, and what it means to you. The definition of success is entirely subjective, and cannot simply be measured by wealth or titles. Matt and Garrett talk about creating your own definition of success, whether that be income-driven, spending time with family, or hammering out your ideal work schedule. The key is knowing what feels right for you, what lights you up, and doing your best to move towards that goal every day. Success is about achieving your desired outcome, and that will look different for everyone.

Our hosts share examples of how traditional gauges for success, like gross commissions and profits, may not always reflect the real story. They talk about being driven by other factors besides money, and eliminating their income goals in favor of an abundance mindset - trusting that money will flow toward you, so you can enjoy other things you love. They discuss the importance of family, physical health, mental health, and being unencumbered, in their own definitions of success. And they encourage listeners to reflect on what success looks like to them, pay attention to what sparks their passion, and go for it. As Larry Kendall says, if you focus on your process, the people, and what brings you joy, the money will take care of itself.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Looking at success and what it means to you
  • Success can often feel overlooked or unappreciated because it doesn’t line up with what you feel you’re “supposed” to do, based on opinions of others
  • The raw definition of success is static, but the truth is that it will be different for everyone
  • Success can take all different shapes
  • Titles, wealth, positions are perceived values - but the elements of success that go unseen are of tremendous value as well, such as time with family
  • Garrett’s example of an agent who was purchasing leads and experiencing great success as a result, but upon closer examination, there were a lot of moving parts and costs in getting to that point
  • Brokerages tend to measure success only in gross commissions, volumes, and transaction count
  • They don’t take your expenses into account
  • If you are only concerned with financial wealth, focus on your net profit, your bottom line number (not gross commissions)
  • The goal of Ninja is to increase your income per hour so you can enjoy your life outside of work
  • Some agents thrive on being available 24/7, and others need more walkaway time
  • The key is knowing what feels right for you, and what makes you feel happy as you lay your head down on the pillow at night
  • The definition of success is subjective, and isn’t only about money
  • Success is about accomplishing your desired outcome - this will look different for everyone
  • Once you focus on your own passion and decide which goals are important to you, the money will always follow
  • If you feel like you are doing your best, and you are proud of what you’re doing, that is a great gauge for success and that’s when you feel most lit up and motivated
  • Getting away from specific income goals in favor of an abundance mindset, trusting that money will flow towards you so that you can enjoy other things you love
  • Family is the most important priority for Matt and Garrett
  • To Garrett, wealth is not about making X amount of money - it’s about making enough to be able to enjoy activities and vacations without having to worry about whether there is enough in the budget
  • Success means being unencumbered
  • Physical and mental health are also huge gauges for success, especially as you get older
  • Whatever your definition of success is, are you doing your best today to move toward that? What do you need to work on?
  • You need to decide what success looks like to you, pay attention to what lights you up, and go after it
  • Don’t let other people’s definition change your trajectory



“We need to define what success looks like.”

“The definition is going to look different for everybody, but the raw that it’s the attainment of wealth, position, or honors. It is the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose.”

“Is that really success, to have to manage and do $700,000 worth of transactions, to walk out of it with $200,000 in income, give or take? And this is where the waters get really muddy.”

“I think people need the okay to not have it always be about money, and there's lots of different definitions of what success is.”

“The whole point of Ninja was, increase your income per hour so you can have a life.”

“How many people in this industry have not taken a real vacation in over a year, who always have their phone with them?”

“When you start talking about, What is the definition of success? The second part of that definition is getting the desired outcome… You've accomplished something. You've done what you've set out to do.”

“All of a sudden you watch their business light up.”

“What's fun is when you start to figure that out, and then you dedicate yourself to being the best at that thing, there's always a financial reward that comes on the back of it.”

“Larry says this all the time, If you focus on the process, the transactions will take care of themselves. If you focus on the people, the money will take care of itself.”

“There's a certain point that you go, It's not about the money anymore. At which point, you’ve got to figure out what success looks like.”

“When you figure out what success looks like for you, all of a sudden your energy kicks out, your drive kicks up. Everything just kind of comes to life.”

“I deleted the income affirmation and went to just, Money flows easily toward me. And just basically saying, I attract all that I need. Abundance is there. And just being in purely abundance mindset, to know that the needs will be met so I can focus on the things that I really like to do and enjoy and love.”

“A number one goal of success for me, is that I've got these little people that are counting on me, that I need to make sure I can turn them into the best adults that I can possibly turn them into. That's one piece of success in my world.”

“[Mental health] is probably the biggest component of it all, too. Because that's going to drive how you act, it's going to drive how you show up for those little things every day that are going to keep you driving towards your definition of success.”

“I hope that everybody takes all this and just starts to think about what that means for them.”



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