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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 20, 2021

If you’re a new agent looking to grow your business and thrive from the outset, you'll definitely want to tune in to today's episode. Matt and Garrett give their advice for building a solid foundation for success, tell us which habits to instill early on and which to avoid, and explain why flow should be your number one priority. They discuss being 'new' and why it’s actually an advantage in creating relationships as you are ready to learn and do not have to rebrand yourself, and they encourage agents to skip the fancy websites in favor of postcards and personal calls in the beginning. Our hosts talk about untapped resources like Toastmasters and special interest clubs as a way to connect with new people, and clarify that we can initiate real estate conversations as soon as we make those connections. If you purposefully dedicate time to building flow and new relationships, drop your preconceived notions about what it means to be a realtor, and go out there in full force as yourself, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build your database and see big results.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Some new agents develop bad habits from the beginning, some start with rock solid foundations and thrive from there
  • State of marketplace when you start will affect how you build your business
  • This is a great time to start as it will force you to develop a solid foundation and avoid bad habits
  • You can build a sustainable business if you keep up with it as you go along
  • Being new can be an advantage as you are ready to learn and build relationships
  • Building flow and relationships with people is your biggest priority right now, should be your number one focus starting out
  • Find a process that works, like Ninja, trust it, get in flow with your people, and share what you’re learning
  • This will start to establish you as an expert in the field and open up your Sphere of Influence without looking like a salesperson
  • New agents should skip the CRM and fancy website and go directly to postcards
  • Advantage of being a new agent is starting relationships without any baggage - you don’t need to rebrand yourself
  • New relationships often lead to better referrals than your existing contacts
  • Purposefully dedicate time to connect with new people and make sure to put it in your calendar
  • Big missed opportunity for new agents is Toastmasters, a group of ambitious people who are looking to improve their public speaking skills
  • or any special interests groups/clubs are also a great resource for connecting with new people who have similar interests
  • Ninja Philosophy is to give people information, give them value - and you can do that immediately after making those connections
  • Sending postcards and calling is less invasive than email
  • Don’t buy into the idea that it will take six months to make your first sale
  • A lot of agents find success with open houses, but don’t rely on them entirely
  • Number one focus should be getting in flow with as many people you can and building a database, blocking out time to take action and reach out
  • Make goals and double them
  • Drop preconceived notions of realtors - go out there and be yourself



“How can a new agent take the Ninja Selling System and build a thriving business as soon as they get licensed?”

“The agents that started in 2008, 2009, 2010 are like hardened war veterans. They’re no joke, no messing around. They have fundamental set-up in their business because they had to figure it out to make the business work.”

“I feel like we’re in that type of market right now… If you learn how to grow and build this business, and build your foundation right now, you will be an extremely successful long-term real estate agent.”

“This is an amazing time, if you’re serious about starting your business right now, because you’re not going to have any bad habits.”

“There’s so many places you can go grab information that I think being new is not that big of a deal.”

“Flow with people is your number one. Biggest, biggest, biggest thing you need to focus on right now… Write down the word ‘Flow.’ That is your number one focus. Flow is the driver.”

“If you’re inexperienced in this business, and you want to go bigger, flow is the answer to everything.”

“The best thing about being a new agent is you know what you don’t know, which is a lot. You get to go dive in and do research and learn a lot of stuff and start sharing that.”

“You can’t be a secret agent at all.”

“That branding of yourself as a new agent is one of the most messed up things that people just botch all over the place.”

“A lot of times it’s new relationships and applying the branding, the postcards, and all that into growing those relationships and those connections. Those sometimes can be better referrals than the people who have known you for a long time. But a lot of people get twisted on that. They think the old group would be your best referring group.”

“You have to purposefully dedicate time to connect with new people… I think that’s got to be in the calendar.”

“They’re going to go to the people that they like and trust, and they can see themselves in. That’s why I like these affiliate groups.”

“The Ninja Philosophy is, give them information, give them value. And as a new agent, a lot of times people go, When can I start mailing them? When have I bridged that gap? ...And the answer is immediately. The minute you make that connection with them.”

“It’s amazing how fast it can progress. This is where I go back to where everybody goes, Oh, new agent, it’s going to take you six months to get your first sale. Don’t buy into that. Don’t listen to that.”

“You can put together a transaction very, very fast.”

“Everybody you meet becomes a new relationship.”

“You’ve got to let that stuff go of, This is what it means to be a realtor, and be you. And go full force a hundred percent.”



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