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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

One thing that Matt and Garrett are noticing over and over again as people review the past year and make their business plans for the coming one, is the interest in running an ‘8 in 8’. When done at the right time with the right purpose and thorough follow through, this can be a highly impactful practice for both your life and your business. Today, our hosts walk you through the process of running a basic version, and offer a number of suggestions and examples to take the process to a much higher level.


They begin by explaining exactly what an ‘8 in 8’ is, and from there share the reasons behind it, the process involved, and how it seamlessly integrates with your current Ninja systems. They also examine the key components to making it manageable, and offer examples of how this process can go to a much higher level that can be a lot of fun and rewarding for all parties involved. When done correctly, the ‘8 in 8’ is a highly effective system that can result in great success, and this coming year is particularly well suited to this level of contact with others, especially given what the past year has been like. Today, let Matt and Garrett show you how to achieve great things using the ‘8 in 8’ in 2021 and beyond.


Episode Highlights:


  •   What is an ‘8 in 8’?
  •   The process involved
  •   The reasons behind keeping the group small
  •   Planning out the high value information you’ll be sending out
  •   Some examples of high value information pieces including timeless content
  •   The different levels of ‘8 in 8’
  •   Reasons for running this process
  •   How it integrates with your current Ninja systems
  •   Giving experiences through mail
  •   Having a system to simplify it




“8 points of communication with a particular person or group of people over 8 weeks.”


“Anytime you actually have a system of follow up, that, technically, is kind of what this is.”


“You can set this up to happen at any time, too.”


“If you don’t finish it all the way out, you’ve wasted all your money on the marketing.”


“They don’t realize those touch points…we don’t want to lose that energy. That’s why the phone call is so incredibly important.”


“We’re never asking for business.”


“Timeless content is what you want to be thinking about.”


“It’s not ‘salesy’. You are being more of an adviser, you’re giving quality information.”


“A lot comes down to the language you use on the card versus what is the topic of it.”


“You can’t make it about you at all.”


“My wife wants to meet you to find our who’s making us feel so welcome.”


“You bring in the tip, and your c0mmunity all in together.”


“I think it’s brilliant right now to experiment with something like this.”


“It really solidifies the relationship of you with that person once a year.”


“This is not on top of everything else in all the other systems that we would talk about through Ninja Selling.”


“I stay away from texts, I stay away from email.”


“It needs to be relatable.”


“Don’t overcomplicate this thing.”


“I had them all preprinted, ready to go, in big stacks on my desk.”


“It’s a great system – have some fun with it.”



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