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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Aug 24, 2023

Around this time each year, Matt and Garrett find that a lot of quick fix programs and short-term success strategies seem to pop up all over the place. In today’s episode, they unravel the intrigue these concepts generate, providing insights into how they resonate with individuals' scarcity mindsets, and highlighting the fact that these programs lack the sustainability that is such a key aspect of the Ninja Selling process.

Addressing the burgeoning trend of programs that promise immediate financial gains and success, our hosts scrutinize the marketing techniques employed to entice individuals seeking swift outcomes, but who might not fully consider the long-term implications. Infused with anecdotes and industry insights, today’s timely episode underscores the significance of differentiating between steadfast, credible business practices such as Ninja, and those other short-lived programs that prey on vulnerability.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Distinguishing sustainable strategies

  • Relationship impact

  • Marketing and scarcity

  • Strategic evaluation

  • Balancing planning and gains

  • Transparency matters

  • Enduring perspective.

  • Holistic growth and respect



"These short-term plans may offer quick results, but they often come at the expense of damaging relationships and unsustainable practices."

"Sustainable success is like a healthy diet and exercise regimen, while short-term schemes are akin to crash diets with temporary gains and potential long-term harm."

"True success is rooted in consistent, relationship-driven efforts rather than quick fixes."

"Don't be swayed by marketing tactics that prey on scarcity mindsets. Choose strategies that align with your long-term goals."

"Genuine success is not about a single 'magic pill' approach, but rather a holistic and continuous commitment to growth."

"The allure of get-rich-quick programs can be strong, but it's crucial to assess their content and intentions before diving in."

"These little blasts can sometimes do more harm than good. You might get a little wind with a lot of damage on the backside."



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