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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 23, 2023

Fishing in Your Database


In today’s episode, Garrett and Matt employ the analogy of going fishing in your database as a crucial aspect of the Ninja Nine system. They explain the importance of being specific in targeting your audience, how casting a wide net can lead to wasted time and effort, and that, if you really want to take your business to the next level, it might just be time to go fishing.

Together, our hosts delve into the concept of looking for lead indicators in order to achieve your desired results in business, how finding the right clues can lead to success, and the importance of focusing on high dollar per hour activities to have freedom and time to do the things you love. Along the way, they touch upon life changes and the real estate market, warm and cold lists, staying in flow with people, and, of course, going fishing in the right spot every day.



Episode Highlights:


  • Fishing in your database
  • Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall
  • Being specific in targeting your audience
  • Looking for lead indicators
  • Focusing on high dollar per hour activities
  • Focusing on specific people in your database 
  • Learning the clues that cause business to happen
  • Spreading yourself all over the place.





"I watch agents that are always trying to cast a wide net into the industry. They want to throw this huge net out."

"It is an element of the Ninja Nine, and it is one of the most often confused parts of Ninja, I would say, because there is gray area that exists in this element."

"And it's interesting when you're looking for results for yourself, all things have lead indicators that you can start to notice and go, ‘Oh, I saw this little thing happen and that caused this next thing to happen.’"

"And when you figure it out in the warm list, it's like when you figure out in the river, you're like, ‘Well, that makes sense, why fish hang out there.’"

"When you figure out those clues, spend more time there."

"Go out for lunches, write handwritten notes."

“If you are focused on these life changes, it does not matter what the rest of the market does. This is how you focus on your business versus focusing on the market.”

“Let's talk about fishing for a second. There are spots in the river where the fish like to hang out. It's an incredible thing. There's parts of that river that see very little fish, and then there's parts where these fish just congregate.”

“Focus on your warm list daily, right? Fish in that spot daily.” 




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