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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Sep 7, 2020

As the markets start to play out, Matt and Garrett find that their attention is being drawn toward the disparity between headlines in the media and what they are actually hearing from the agents with whom they work. If you were to believe the headlines, cities such as New York, San Francisco and Seattle would be ghost towns, which is obviously not the case, so it’s time to review the importance of researching the actual data and educating your people.


Our hosts begin by examining the unreliability of the media when reporting about real estate, stressing the need to educate your people with the actual facts, and looking at a potential opportunity for cities that may yet unfold. They confirm the facts that a housing shortage continues to exist and that there is a population shift occurring within the United States. They also emphasize just how critical it is to focus on data to educate yourself and to become the trusted advisor that so many people need, particularly these days. After all that has occurred throughout the United States and the world in the past few months, people are excited to move again, and they are looking for you to be the expert that cuts through the rumors and misinformation, and gives them the straight goods. Let Matt and Garrett show you how to become that valued and trusted advisor in today’s timely and highly informative episode.


Episode Highlights:


  • Unreliable real estate news
  • Educating your people
  • An interesting potential opportunity for cities
  • The current housing shortage
  • The population shift in the United States
  • Focus on data not opinion
  • Being a trusted advisor




“This is real estate review time.”


“The media can drive that fear and cause the problem to happen.”


“Without education…literally the education is the media and…there’s some holes in that information.”


“It almost has this potential to make cities just a little bit more affordable for the people who really want to live there.”


“Maybe you hit the pause button for a little bit. Maybe you find a new opportunity. Who knows?”


“In any market you can sell homes. In any market you can buy homes.”


“If you’re a trusted advisor, you’re going to be able to get things done for your clients.”


“We’ve got to set opinions aside, and just focus on the data.”



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