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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 29, 2024

Matt and Garrett are actually together in person today for today’s analysis of the promising real estate market that they are seeing at this start to 2024. They highlight its current stability and comforting predictability - ideal for both buyers and sellers - and stress the paramount importance of proactively engaging with "orphaned clients" who had previously delayed their real estate plans. As their conversation progresses, building trust through face-to-face communication and relationship-building emerges as the bedrock for attracting and retaining new business in this evolving landscape.

Along the way, our hosts caution against the allure of shiny new lead generation strategies, underscoring the significance of adhering to proven business plans. They also extend an invitation for listeners to join the Ninja Selling podcast's supportive Facebook community and explore coaching opportunities at, enhancing their real estate careers. As you will hear, the 2024 real estate market holds unique promise and stability, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers, and maintaining high-quality communication with warm and hot leads and staying committed to proven business plans are key strategies for thriving in this transformative year. Tune in today and immerse yourself in these valuable insights that will help you take full advantage of all the opportunities this new year holds.

As noted, more valuable insights can be found by joining the 14,000 other Ninjas who collaborate, ask and answer questions, network, and more in the Ninja Selling Podcast group on Facebook at Ninja Selling Podcast Facebook. Leave a voicemail at 208-MY-NINJA if you’d like to offer more direct feedback. Be sure to check out Ninja Selling Events for upcoming installations and other events, and if you’d like personalized help in achieving your goals, visit Ninja Coaching to connect with one of our fantastic coaches.


Episode Highlights:

  • The promise that 2024 holds

  • Prioritizing face-to-face communication and relationship-building for success

  • The resurgence of "orphaned clients" returning to the real estate market

  • Trust as the foundation for attracting new business

  • Maintaining frequent and high-quality communication with warm and hot leads

  • Steering clear of trendy lead generation strategies

  • Adhering to your proven business plan



"We're coming into ‘24, not necessarily on fire, but the writing is on the wall with, interest rates going down and all this stuff, some pent up demand where I feel like this can potentially accelerate."

"Right now, we're all walking down the street going, “Hey, it's comfortable. It's easy. We can work with this.” And it's causing a lot of real estate to happen."

"’People who use a realtor’ was up from the prior year. I mean, still it's over 90%. You'll get connected with those people. Just be in flow with your people."

"Because the consumers have seen the last several years, they know that having an advisor is going to be a really good thing for them."



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