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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 22, 2024

Special guest Jennifer Fidler, a highly successful realtor affiliated with Cadwell Realty in Portland, Oregon, joins Matt and Garrett today for a fascinating conversation regarding the critical importance of nurturing robust relationships with vendors and service providers within the real estate industry. An integral part of the Ninja coaching community, Jen brings a wealth of firsthand experience to the discussion, as she not only serves as a realtor but also engages in home remodeling projects. Together with our hosts, she highlights the essential role that cultivating vendor relationships plays in ensuring prompt and efficient service delivery in the increasingly competitive real estate market.

Throughout the episode, Jen shares her invaluable insights on how to cultivate strong and mutually beneficial relationships with vendors. She underscores the significance of showing genuine interest in vendors' personal lives, including their preferences and interests. This personal touch allows realtors to establish deeper and more meaningful connections, fostering a dependable team of vendors who are highly motivated to deliver exceptional service. Whatever your level of experience in the field, you’ll want to tune into today’s episode to pick up some practical strategies for bolstering vendor relationships, which, in turn, can lead to even greater overall success in the real estate market.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Nurturing vendor relationships is often overlooked by realtors

  • Strong vendor connections result in improved availability and service

  • Remembering vendor interests fosters relationship growth

  • Forced interactions in real estate offer chances for meaningful conversations

  • High-frequency interactions with vendors enable deeper connections

  • The importance of note-taking especially for infrequent interactions

  • Respecting vendor communication preferences

  • Efficiently using downtime during vendor interactions to add value and strengthen connections



"You want to know your vendors just like you know your clients."

"It's about knowing your people and knowing what's going to make them light up."

"Building relationships with vendors is an essential aspect of a successful real estate business."

"The opportunity to have that high frequency of flow is so great."

"A lot of times, you wonder why these vendors don't want to show up. It's because the only time you ever reach out is when you need something."

"Just being kind and getting to know somebody can be an advantage."



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