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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 17, 2021

Today’s episode looks at John Assaraf’s four stages in the journey toward growth: Comfort Zone, Fear Zone, Learning Zone, and finally Growth Zone. Being in your Comfort Zone might feel familiar and safe because you have control over your situation, but no real growth or change can come from there. Matt and Garrett explain why so many people find themselves stuck in their Comfort Zones, and what they can do about it. The first step is acknowledging what is holding you back, and analyzing your fears to the point where you can push through them to learn new skills. Matt cautions against becoming a Success Zombie, though - only accumulating new knowledge or designations without putting any of it into practice. Real growth can only happen when you take action and set goals that are connected to a purpose. 

Seeking out motivation, talking ideas out with others, and learning from masters can help lead you away from your Comfort Zone and Fear Zone. Garrett also talks about the inherent nature of making mistakes within the Learning Zone, and reminds us that every failure is a learning opportunity. Matt explains the importance of believing that you can get to the Growth Zone, letting go of excuses, and he and Garrett point out that you don’t have to go through this process by yourself. Surrounding yourself with people who ask more of you will allow you to see things from a different perspective and help push you to the Growth Zone, oftentimes faster than if you had embarked on the journey alone. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • John Assaraf’s The Answer and the idea of moving through your Comfort and Fear Zones into the Learning Zone, then finally to the Growth Zone
  • Comfort Zone is where you feel safe and in control, even if you don’t particularly like the situation you’re in
  • Fear Zone is characterized by a lack of self confidence, finding excuses, letting other people’s opinions affect you 
  • First step in to acknowledge what you’re afraid of and analyze what you’re truly concerned about
  • Analyze it to death
  • Seeking out motivation, inspiration, or a guide to help move you out of Comfort and Fear Zones
  • Going back and doing something you understand versus pushing yourself to go learn something new
  • The Fear Zone is internal, which is why speaking to others can help you push through fear into the Learning Zone
  • Getting to the point where you’re open to learning so that you can seek out people to learn from and grow with
  • Learning from masters is key, but you also don’t want to become a Success Zombie and get stuck in the Learning Zone, where you are taking in abundant information without putting any of it into practice
  • Growth happens when you take action
  • Setting new goals should come after Fear Zone - once you’ve moved past your fear, you’re ready to learn and figure out how to achieve them
  • Make sure what you are learning is aligned with specific goals 
  • Connecting your goal with a purpose
  • How to tell you’re actually in the Growth Zone versus just thinking you’re there
  • Trial and Error of being in the Learning Zone - not everything will work, but you can’t let that set you all the way back to your Comfort Zone
  • The belief system and not making excuses for why you can’t get to the Growth Zone
  • Take a step back and look at how you can move yourself along this process and come up with a plan
  • Don’t feel like you have to do this alone



“What is this Fear Zone that stops a lot of people from growing?”

“I think Comfort [Zone] - your subconscious mind gets it. It’s comfortable with it. You know it. You know what to expect.”

“I think the first thing is acknowledging what you’re afraid of, I think that’s the best way to move kind of through that Fear Zone.”

“Analyze it to death.”

“Finding somebody that can almost be a guide for you to go through the Fear Zone so that you know you’re not the only one, right? Everybody’s been there. Everybody goes through it.”

“There are so many places you can go besides taking a step back and doing something you understand.”

“We get a lot of people that...they’re like, Okay, I’m a bit in my Comfort Zone. I know all the stuff that I’m kind of fearful of and now I need help. Now I need something that can kind of get me to the Growth Zone. I think that’s what you need to get through to that Learning Zone, to be open to talking to a master, to talking to somebody that has the knowledge.”

“That’s the part of where it shuts you down from being a learner, is if you’re not willing to learn from other masters around you.”

“The Growth Zone is finding purpose, living those dreams, setting new goals, conquering objectives. And so all things that have to do with action.”

“Once you are breaking through to the Learning Zone, now you can actually have the opportunity to set a goal that has purpose.”

“When they get into the Growth...this is where miracles happen. It’s like all of a sudden there are results produced that are beyond what you could have dreamt.”

“There is no failure. Every failure is just a learning opportunity.”

“At some point you have to trust. Trust leads to belief, and then that’s what’s going to allow you to take action. Because if you don’t believe, then it’s going to be hard to push past the Learning Zone.”

“It’s right there in Mastery, to surround yourself with those kinds of people who ask more of you than you do, and that’s going to help push you along this journey.”



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