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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Feb 15, 2021

Ensuring that people understand the value you bring to the table has never been more important than in these times of extreme low inventories. Matt and Garrett are witnessing an increasing number of situations where agents are in danger of having buyers and sellers go around them simply because they are unaware of the true value of working with a professional. There are definitely ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, and today our hosts tell you exactly how.

Throughout the episode, they stress the importance of consistently and authentically bringing value to clients well in advance of any transaction. Along the way, they share some of the best ways to educate consumers these days, the incredible value of testimonials, watching for signs of selling, and sharing with others what the current marketplace means to them. Giving up the fear of sharing your knowledge and tools as well as outlining the many steps involved in a successful real estate transaction, becoming an expert for your people, and sharing your value in your autoflow are all discussed as well. There is no denying that times of low inventory can be challenging, but if you are consistent in demonstrating your value to others at all times, true personal and professional success will be yours – it’s guaranteed.

Matt is also excited to announce that an open Ninja Selling Installation is coming to his hometown of Charleston, SC, April 5-8, 2021 - a rarity which is far too valuable to pass up. If you are able to attend, be sure to check out the link below or go to the ‘Events’ section of the Ninja Selling website for more information and to register.  Sadly, low inventory of available rooms at Matt’s house means you will have to keep an eye out to find your own accommodations during this highly treasured event.


Episode Highlights:

  •   Consistently and authentically bringing value to clients before the transaction
  •   The best ways to educate the consumer these days
  •   Testimonials
  •   Watching for signs of selling
  •   Sharing what the current marketplace means right now
  •   Sharing your knowledge and giving people tools to use right now as homeowners
  •   Becoming the expert for people
  •   Outlining the many steps it takes for a successful real estate transaction
  •   Sharing the value of what you do in your autoflow



“If your clients are discovering how good your customer service is during your transaction, we’ve missed the mark.”

“It really should be done a couple years before these people are actually thinking about buying or selling.”

“We’ve got to first lean into the conversations that we’re having right now.”

“They’re loaded with these pearls…they share this great opportunity of what it was like working with you.”

“It’s so much better when it’s not your words.”

“You’re seeing more and more brands talk about their customers.”

“When you’re out driving around, pay attention to potential sellers.”

“When they find a home without you, they’re like, ‘Well, why did we have a real estate agent?’”

“Find them before they actually go on the MLS.”

“You’re starting to deliver customer service before they are even ‘customers’.”

“We need to recognize that people pay for convenience, they pay for advice, they pay for guidance.”

“If you can’t show your…value to these people, they can’t perceive what your value is, you’re going to be sitting around wondering why people are going around you. And it’s starting to happen right now.”

“The pitch is that you’re there for them, and if they have questions, you’re available.”

“That’s where it becomes amazing, is when people are sharing and talking about you.”

“Come from your heart.”



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