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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

If your marketing strategy is all about you, you, you - your accolades, your tricks, your success - Matt and Garrett are here to tell you, you need to make some major changes. It’s not about you, it’s about the client and how you can make their world better. On today’s episode, our hosts discuss the pre-listing packet, and how you can use this promotional tool to showcase what you can do for your clients, how you will help guide them to their hopes and dreams, and demonstrate your value by outlining everything involved with your process. They talk about the marketing trap that so many agents fall into - focusing on their own biography, rather than on the amazing experience they provide.

Matt and Garrett share tips on how to make the most of your pre-listing and buyers’ packets, including the use of flow charts and pictures, explaining current issues in the marketplace and how you will protect clients from them, and emphasizing why your service is important, rather than just something you do. They discuss other marketing strategies, like postcards and social media posts, and reminisce about car brochures as an example of how to show people what a product can do for them. Garrett points out that simply having a pre-listing packet is enough to set you apart, but today’s episode will help you take it to a whole new level by shifting the focus away from you, and onto what you can do for the client. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • Marketing - focus on how you can make someone’s life better versus gimmicks like free appetizers
  • Information to include in your pre-listing packets and buyer packets
  • Flow charts that illustrate the entire process and everything you are doing behind the scenes
  • Updating pre-listing packets to reflect current market trends
  • Dan Smith’s FAQ Sheet for buyers’ agents
  • Challenges of being a buyer in today’s marketplace
  • Demonstration of your value in pre-listing packet
  • Showing clients how you can put them in the best position to buy the home they fall in love with
  • Helping people understand why they want a certain service or product, and what it will do for them
  • Keep the focus on the process, rather than on you as a realtor
  • Is your buyer’s packet a biography of your success, or about how you’ll guide clients to their hopes and dreams?
  • Garrett is blown away by how many agents still do not use a pre-listing packet
  • Car brochures as an example of how a product will make your life better
  • Using pictures and visual imagery to show what clients can achieve by working with you
  • Invitation to share examples of how you make the most of your pre-listing packet on the Facebook group



“If you were to hire someone to do some marketing for you, you need to look at that as like, How is it that someone is going to walk away from this moment that we’ve been able to interact with them with something that’s going to improve their world?

“If you can create an element of information that they’re going to want to sit down with a spouse, maybe with a friend, and maybe even come back to you and be like, Tell me more about that. I want to know more about that because I think that that could make my life better. I think that’s very powerful.”

“If I look at the average person’s pre-listing packet, it is not focused necessarily on the client very much. It’s not focused on making their world better. It’s all these tools and tricks and stuff that I have to offer. And unless I can connect to how I can make their world’s lost. It’s just stuff. It’s just things.”

“I think every market that we go through, we learn more about, what are the different levels of services and experiences that we want to highlight into these pre-listing packets, and buyer packets, by the way, to show that this is going to be an amazing experience for these people.”

“Having a flow chart of what this process is, and the journey that sellers and buyers are going to go through, with you as their guide, I think is the most important piece that I most often see left out of these packets.”

“To realize that there’s all these things that you’re doing when they’re not with you… I think those flow charts are great to make them go, I didn’t realize there were these many moving parts in making me go from listing my house to the closing table. I didn’t realize there was this much stuff that happened before we even put the home on the market.”

“That’s the power of the pre-listing packet, when you make it about them, is that it’s not all you, you, you, Here’s what we’re going to do, here’s my accolades, here’s what I’m great at… It’s, Here are the problems of this marketplace right now, here’s how it’s going to directly affect you in all these different ways, and here’s how I’m going to protect you from it. That is the piece that needs to be inside a pre-listing packet that is missing a lot.”

“Or somebody creates their pre-listing packet, puts a stamp on it, and five years later, they’re still using the same one. If it’s done right, it shouldn’t work anymore!”

“[Dan Smith] created this FAQ sheet that basically has the Magic Wand Scenario for his sellers, and he talks to his sellers now about, Hey, this is what we're going to do to make sure that our buyers’ agents are bringing the best offers to the table, and then we'll take a look at those and see what we need to tighten up with certain terms to make sure that we lock in a good contract. And the buyers’ agents are thanking him because he's providing an explanation of the services to the sellers that are going, Oh man, I don't have to deal with that now and that's going to help me get the best offer.”

“Those are the little things that you can tweak into your pre-listing packet, depending on how the markets are operating, that demonstrate that value and showcase to the sellers, like, I want that. I really would like to have that service.”

“Let's talk about how we're going to put you in the best position so that when you find the home you fall in love don't have to watch it be sold to somebody else.”

“My favorite question when somebody is sharing with me all the services that they provide, is, Why? Why do you have that service listed? What does it do for me?

“In basic sales, you get shot down more often because people don't understand why they want that service or that product.”

“I'm not saying don't share your services - just give me a reason why it's important because that's when you make it about them. That's when, all of a sudden, you turn the corner and it's about them now, rather than just something you do.”

“If you make it about you, the realtor, then you have the biggest opportunity to become a roadblock in their process. Whereas if you outline the process, and how it will help them achieve their goals and dreams, then you no longer become the roadblock if, operationally, you’re running everything smoothly.”

“Open up your buyer’s packet, look at your marketing and ask yourself… Do you feel that, if you're looking at it from a client's perspective, that you are engaging with somebody who's going to guide you to victory, it was going to guide you to your goals and dreams? Or do you feel like you're reading a biography of someone's success? And if it's the latter, then we probably need to make some tweaks.”

“Because you’ve hired us, this is what we're going to give to you so you don't have to be stressing out.”



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