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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 18, 2024

Inspired by their own experiences where learning has positively impacted their lives, Garrett and Matt spend today’s episode looking at the importance of continuous learning for personal growth and success. In their conversation, they highlight the natural human curiosity that drives us to acquire new knowledge and encourage listeners to actively seek opportunities for learning in various areas, while also cautioning against the limitations of existing knowledge. 

Our hosts also emphasize the need to approach new challenges with an open mind, challenging  listeners to make learning a routine part of their lives. They go on to highlight the significance of learning something new everyday, encouraging everyone to embrace their innate curiosity, let go of preconceived notions, and reap the rewards of continuous learning in both personal and professional spheres. Give in to your curiosity and tune in today to this expert guide on improving cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and overall well-being through ongoing learning.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Learning something new every day and its significance for personal growth and success

  • Matt and Garrett’s personal stories of how learning has positively impacted their lives

  • The natural curiosity humans possess and how it drives us to acquire new knowledge

  • The role of prior knowledge and how it can sometimes hinder our ability to learn new things

  • Proactively seeking opportunities for learning in various aspects of life

  • How learning can improve cognitive function and problem-solving skills, making you better at your job and in life

  • Embracing challenges and being open-minded when approaching new subjects or skills

  • The positive impact of continuous learning on longevity and overall well-being



"I love the five-minute journal because it has that space, 'What did I learn today?' And I think that's just a great question for us to ask ourselves every day."

"We're built, we're wired to learn new things. We want to acquire knowledge. We're curious, right?"

"Don't accept the knowledge gap. People are like, 'Oh, I'm getting old. I don't know how to use these devices.' No, that's bull. You can do it."

"Prior knowledge serves you in a good way in other places; we just need to put the new knowledge in so that the old knowledge goes, 'Oh, wait, let me go over to this new knowledge because that's what's going to help me accomplish this task.'"



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