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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 27, 2022

Today’s topic, like so many, comes from something Matt keeps hearing from colleagues, other real estate agents, and in his coaching calls. Today’s episode is about what Matt calls “the false narrative of yesterday”. What is it? How do you address it? And how do you move past it and achieve what you want to achieve?


Our hosts will also delve into how to determine where you are at this moment, the dangers of getting caught in the false narrative trap, and how to insulate yourself. Finally, they share the excellent advice to stay in flow even with those that are on hold - a fitting finish to yet another invaluable episode of the Ninja Selling podcast.


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Episode Highlights:


  • What is the false narrative of yesterday?
  • Determine where you are right now
  • Don’t get caught in this trap
  • Insulate yourself
  • Stay in flow with even the ones that are on hold



How do we address this false narrative of yesterday and get into the conversations of today to help people achieve what they want to achieve?”


It means nothing, what you could have done six months ago.”


It’s like let it go, let it go. Just let it go. Take a big deep breath. Let’s ground ourselves.”


I think this is why we get caught in this trap, because it’s easy to reflect on the things that we’ve experienced. It’s easy to go back to the ‘good times’.”


It’s funny to hear the narratives of the agents because there’s some going, ‘I wish, I wish, I wish’ or ‘Gosh, it’s changed so much’. And there’s some that are just head down, pushing through, doing the right stuff.”


Be in the present.”


Do the right things to pad your business right now. There are people that are going to have to make tough decisions… you need to be their expert, you need to be the person that they can trust, you can’t be pushing anybody to do anything at all. It doesn’t work long-term. It’s not how you build a great referral-based business.”



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