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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

It’s no secret that the best way to get really good at something is to practice a lot, and real estate is no exception. Matt and Garrett are often asked how they and Larry are able to demonstrate the many aspects of the Ninja system so effortlessly and effectively, and the answer is simple – they have been doing it so often and for so long that they are very well practiced in bringing them to life. Today, they take the time to share the importance of incorporating practice time into your business along with some tips they have picked up along the way about how to make it as productive as possible.


They begin by looking at the value of committing to set aside regular time for practice, and some Ninja set plays that can be practiced, as well as how to practice them. They also explore engaging with a skills group, some key recommendations to implement when doing so, and the many situations that can be practiced in these groups. They finish up by offering some immediate steps you can take, highlighting the fact that practice doesn’t necessarily need feedback, especially when just starting out. In so many areas of life, practice plays a more valuable role than talent in achieving success, a point which our hosts effectively drive home in today’s highly informative episode.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Committing to set aside time for practice
  •   Some Ninja set plays that can be practiced
  •   How to practice them
  •   Suggestions for practicing with a skills group
  •   Establishing ‘The Rules of the Game’
  •   The real reason for practicing
  •   Regularly scheduling a ‘Pit’
  •   The many situations that can be practiced
  •   Some immediate steps to take
  •   Not asking for feedback




“Imagine if you set an hour aside everyday just to…master a skill. It wouldn’t take very long to get really good, by the way.”


“Don’t ever practice on your client.”


“Practice saying them so you don’t get tongue-tied when you’re there with a client.”


“Put a mirror in front of your desk when you’re making sales calls, when you’re talking to people, because it makes you feel like you are talking to somebody.”


“You could have everybody sign a little contract.”


“You’re not practicing for you.”


“You’re going to learn stuff from each other…everybody gets better, everybody grows.”


“It’s practicing for the surprises that might happen.”


“Planting referral seeds in your conversations.”


“You need to get comfortable saying those words…because otherwise it comes out awkward.”


“You’re going to fumble – that happens.”


“We did a lot of recording and erasing.”


“Practice, practice, practice.”



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