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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 30, 2023

Reviewing Real Estate Reviews


In today’s episode, Matt and Garrett discuss both the challenges and benefits of conducting real estate reviews. They explain the two hurdles that agents often face: setting up the initial appointment and including relevant information in the review, and offer practical tips for overcoming these hurdles. Our hosts also emphasize the importance of real estate reviews for growing your business, even in a down market, and hint at the possibility of having experts on the show to share their knowledge on conducting successful ones.

As they often do, Matt and Garrett focus on being a trusted advisor in real estate sales, stressing the importance of not just generating sales but also providing value to clients as homeowners. They encourage listeners to set expectations with clients with the right intention, rather than focusing on the outcome, and note that being a trusted advisor means providing valuable information to clients which, they suggest, can start by creating a review. As you will hear today, our Ninja experts have plenty of real estate review information, advice and resources to share that can help you grow your business and provide that all important value to your clients.

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Episode Highlights:


  • Real estate reviews and why they are important
  • The two hurdles to overcome when conducting them
  • How real estate reviews can provide value to customers and grow your business
  • The importance of being a trusted advisor
  • Detaching from the outcome and focusing on your intention
  • Providing valuable information to homeowners
  • Tips on how to start creating a review
  • Finding resources in the podcast group to help with creating a review





"Real estate reviews are a crucial and critical task that's part of the Ninja Nine and also an incredible part that's helpful in growing your business and providing value to your customers."

"The first hurdle blocks the majority of people... I think it's actually way more daunting than the actual material you're going to put together is making that initial phone call."

"This is a crucial part of our system where you need to detach from the outcome because it's not about generating sales."

"If your intention is pure, if you're saying, ‘Hey, I'm doing this because I want to provide value to these people, it's going to work.’"

"It's not about you. It's not about the next sale that you're hopefully going to have or the referral you're going to get from them. It's about the great information you're sharing that they need to know as a homeowner."

"The return on it is amazing, but it's a byproduct of you being a good person and helping people out."

"Start with creating the review, build the review."




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