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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 30, 2021

Following up on their conversation from the last episode regarding core values, today, Matt and Garrett dive into two aspects surrounding goals – setting them and walking in alignment with somebody who achieves that type of goal. Along the way, they share some goals that might push some people’s realities and beliefs, discuss why sometimes people do not want to sacrifice their lifestyle to ‘hit the number’, and Matt talks of a gentleman that he has coached over the years whose goal was to do $100 million in volume.


Together, our hosts highlight the fact that good managers and brokers should be helping people to understand what the limits are out there and to push those limits of what is possible. They also advise that good coaches should constantly ask people what they believe, and what their reality and mindset are, and that you should not be paying attention to the limiting beliefs that come into your goals, but rather setting the goals you want and believing in them. Matt and Garrett also offer the sage advice that anyone who has not been to some of the core classes that are offered through Ninja Selling would do well to check out the Ninja Selling Installations.


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Episode Highlights:


  •       Setting a goal and walking in alignment with it
  •       The power of manifestation
  •       How some goals push some people’s realities and beliefs
  •       Jack Canfield’s story 
  •       How do you make sure you’re setting a goal and walking in alignment with it?
  •       Jette Youngblood’s success story 
  •       Put the goals out there no matter how much they scare you
  •       Is the real goal to have the lifestyle or hit the number? 
  •       A gentleman whose goal was to make $100 million
  •       Social proof can both be helpful and challenging
  •       The actions that can help you achieve a big goal
  •       How good managers, brokers, and coaches should be helping people
  •       What is your reality, mindset of abundance versus scarcity? 
  •       Limiting beliefs that come with setting big goals




“Your power of manifestation causes you to take action in subconscious ways.”


 “If the plan and actions don't align with your core values, then you're going to have a lot of trouble potentially hitting that goal.”


“You can do this. Believe in this… it's up to us to fill ourselves with that affirmation.”


“We need to make sure there are certain systems put in place and certain expectations put in place so that you're not walking outside of the lifestyle to hit the goal, but instead, staying true to the lifestyle while the goal is being hit.”


“If you really, truly believe in it, you're gonna have to put a little extra work into that belief. You're probably going to have to do a little extra work on your affirmations, your visualizations, your vision boards, your meditations, whatever it is, but that work is worth it.”


“We have been watching an office trying to break a million dollars in residential real estate for years. All of a sudden, they had four people do it.”


“Choosing one data point to prove a scarcity mindset has sent a lot of waves through a lot of people who are like ‘Oh, my goodness, what's going to happen?’ You know, instead of either finding another data point that supports a belief system or saying, ‘You know what, I don't care. I'm still gonna do it. I believe that I can.’”


“Believe in your goals. Set the goals that you want to hit, and believe in them, and you might see some crazy stuff happen.”



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