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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 20, 2022

Tacking onto the last episode’s topic highlighting open houses with Randall O’Dowd, today’s episode is a fun follow up. But before they get going, Matt and Garrett do a little housekeeping around the Ninja Selling Podcast group on Facebook. They work hard to maintain and police the group, and to make sure it provides value. They’re also careful to protect the integrity of the people in the group, and the foundation of the group itself. So remember to join the group, if you haven’t already.

Today’s episode is all about showing up as a professional. If you were with us for the last episode, then you heard Randall mention this several times. It’s part of how he manages and presents his personal brand and demonstrates that he goes the distance for his clients. Matt and Garrett discuss the example Randall sets and how it’s necessary for business growth and success. It’s also a timely reminder as you work on business planning now, for 2023.

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Episode Highlights:

  • How do you want to present yourself?

  • Show up and take pride

  • It’s not about what you’re wearing, or is it?

  • First impressions can be tough to redo

  • Your energy is outrageously important


I think it changes your energy, how you show up with your clients and how you act in a deal… Showing up as a professional, taking pride in this business that you are running is very, very important.”

When I refer somebody to Randall, I know exactly what they’re going to get. I know exactly the professionalism.”

Let’s show up. Let’s dress up. Let’s play a part that will make people go, ‘This person is 100% showing up for me, representing me, looking great’.”

I always say it’s not about what you’re wearing; it’s how you present yourself. And sometimes wearing something can help you feel a certain way.”

There’s an actual study…and their sales numbers were drastically different, much higher, with the group that wore suits compared to the group that was wearing sweats. There’s a psychological difference that will come about with this.”

Would I feel comfortable walking into my own store? Would I walk in and go, ‘Woah! I want to do business with this person’? That’s the question that I think we need to answer for ourselves.”

That first impression, that first moment we get to meet somebody is so incredibly important. [It] sets the stage of how that relationship is going to move forward in the future. And you get one shot.”

“’Best dressed guy in the office!’ Looking good, as always, man!’ Those little compliments take your energy up a notch every single time you get one.”


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