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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 25, 2024

As they witness many of their coaching clients enjoy a healthy market as they start this new year, Matt and Garrett take this opportunity to discuss the importance of building and maintaining relationships that will pay dividends in any real estate market. Employing the analogy of a water wheel and grain mill, where diverting a stream is akin to creating a consistent flow of clients, they emphasize the need to invest time and effort in nurturing relationships as a critical aspect of staying relevant and successful in any market.

Our hosts go on to stress the significance of self-confidence and providing exceptional value in establishing a thriving referral-based enterprise, especially during times when market conditions may be less predictable. They highlight the vulnerability and personal belief required to engage with existing clients and maintain the upstream flow of referrals in a changing market. Essentially, today’s episode underscores the long-lasting impact of genuine human connections in the real estate industry, particularly in the context of market fluctuations, and encourages listeners to invest in building and maintaining relationships for a successful referral-based business.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Comparing building a referral-based business to diverting a stream

  • The crucial nature of maintaining relationships with past clients

  • The necessity of confidence in one's abilities and value

  • How personal connections and referrals outperform buying leads or relying on social media

  • Nurturing relationships for a referral-based business

  • How the water wheel and grain mill analogy illustrates the concept of a steady client flow



"Only 1% of sellers found their agent through social media without knowing that person first."

"Lean into the good things that people say about you, go back and look at your happy clients."

"The amount of business that I saw through personal relationships and people reaching out to their friends - that is where people had record-breaking years last year."

"You are diverting the stream up above and you're creating this constant flow of people that now know you, like you, trust, you, understand the value and the service that you provide."

“Once you start taking care of the upstream, the people who loved working with you, they're going to make you feel so good because you've made them feel good. And that's a good feeling."



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