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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 27, 2021

Today’s topic was inspired by a listener request, and Matt and Garrett are very excited to finally  dive in and discuss the Sweet 16 Listing Presentation. Hailed as “The World’s Greatest Listing Presentation,” this process engages potential clients immediately, and provides all the tools you need to position yourself as a trusted advisor, get more listings (and sell them faster), identify your client’s greatest fears, and differentiate yourself from the competition. The 16 Step Selling Process creates clarity and sets you up to list a seller, not just a home. It allows you to make sure all parties are on the same page, and set expectations for your work together as a team.

Join our hosts as they highlight the critical questions provided in the 16 Step Selling Process (you can find the entire list in the Ninja Selling Appendix). They revisit Garrett’s strategy to provide homework to his clients in order to gauge whether they are truly sellers, and explain the ‘One of three things’ conversation that so many agents unfortunately skip in favor of simply getting the listing at all costs. Matt and Garrett also talk about what to do if you feel your goals are not in alignment with a potential client, and debunk the myth that agents have to take every listing offered to them. You’ll hear about whether your clients are willing to list (not sell) their home for fair market value, the dangers of both underpricing and overpricing, and the importance of confirming your clients’ Plan B should their home fail to sell or get the price they were looking for. Garrett shares his favorite question to ask at the end of each meeting, and the show ends with an important reminder never to skip any of the questions in the Sweet 16 Listing Presentation, as each step is so crucial in demonstrating how great you are as an advisor, and putting yourself and your clients in the best possible position to actually sell their home.

Thank you so much to Ana Patrice for her suggestion on today’s show. You can share your ideas for future episodes, ask questions, and get in on the conversation by joining the growing Ninja Selling Podcast group on Facebook at And a reminder that if you have not been accepted to the group yet, please check your messages for a follow-up from Matt. You can also leave a voicemail with your direct feedback at 208 MY-NINJA.


Episode Highlights:

  • Sweet 16 Listing Presentation is the only and best way to start off the relationship with your clients
  • Sets the stage for everything and gives you the right questions to ask
  • Listing a home versus listing a seller
  • People who are only listing due to favorable marketplace shifts  are not sellers
  • Sweet 16 Listing Process can help you turn those people into sellers
  • Speak to all the decision makers to clarify why they are selling their home and make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Whether to make it a One-Step or Two-Step process is market specific
  • Start with a home tour
  • How to gently provide recommendations
  • Owning your process and the importance of having control
  • Making a home easy to buy - so desirable that buyers will consider it a no-brainer to put in an offer
  • Following up on your listing packet - sellers will have read it and taken it seriously, but if you’re just listing a home, they will simply be waiting for you to give them a price
  • The “One of three things” conversation to have when you first meet with a client
  • This levels the playing field, shows that you’re honest, ensures that you are upholding your fiduciary duty, and establishes your commission guidelines
  • Asking clients whether they are willing to list their home for fair market value
  • Emotional value versus market value
  • Positioning versus pricing
  • Dangers in both underpricing and overpricing
  • Asking clients about their Plan B if their home does not sell or they do not get the offer they’re hoping for
  • Gives them clarity and allows them to move quickly through the process
  • If you find yourself skipping Questions 15 and 16, you need to readjust your time frame to make sure you include them
  • These questions demonstrate how great you are as an advisor and put you in the best possible position to actually sell the house
  • Garrett’s favorite question is to ask whether they have any other properties they need to sell



“The Sweet 16 Listing Presentation is the only and best way to start off the relationship with your clients.”

“It engages people right off the bat.”

“Are you listing a home or are you actually listing a seller? And what Ninjas do is we list sellers.”

Sellers will do things that sellers need to do to sell their property. And they will fix up the yard. They'll put money into the house… They will put sweat equity into the house to make sure that it looks just perfect for that opportunity when it comes through the door.”

“There's always a point at which people start to get a little greedy, and they're not sellers. They are people going, If it would sell for this, I will sell. If I could get this much money, I will put it on the market.” 

“All of a sudden, you may have talked to one party on the phone. Now we have both parties sitting in front of us and you get to see this totally different dynamic of what's going on.”

“The expectation needs to be set and known.”

“The more control we have, the better the listing looks, the better decisions the sellers are making, the more clarity they have. We're going to get some really good contracts. And we're going to be able to negotiate from a position of strength.”

“I knew when I got there and the homework was done, they'd done all my little steps. It was like, Oh, I have a seller! Here we go.

“I remember when I first started selling, it was like, your mindset is: Get the listing. That's it. Get the listing. We'll figure out all the other stuff behind the scenes later. And this totally changed my whole perception of it.”

“One of three things is going to happen today: You may like me. You may like what I have to say. You may choose to hire me to help you sell your home. Second is you may like me, but you may not like what I have to say, and you may decide that I'm not the right fit for you and you may choose not to hire me. Third is, I may choose not to take your listing if I feel I can't help you. Shall we proceed and see what happens?”

“This just takes all that off the table and levels the playing field and says, No, we're working together.

Essentially what we're doing here is we're showing that everybody has an option here. Sellers have an option to choose who they want to work with. And the realtor has an option to choose who they want to work with.”

“It's a great question to ask somebody, but it also opens up an entire dialogue with them about what if we miss fair market value and what can that look like and what are the damages that can happen?”

“We need to ask more questions and get more clarity for these guys. So they have clarity, and I think that's a really important thing. It's so they have clarity, not us.”

“Clarity allows people to move so fast.”

“A lot of these questions can spark conversation to help you have those conversations with your seller, which also reinforces how great you are as an advisor.”

“If you can get all the way through this, you are in a very, very, very clean relationship with a seller.”

“When you get that chance to be in front of that seller, hit it out of the park… Don't skip any steps. Don't mess around with it. Show them that you're a professional and give them all the information they need. And then again, this also will make sure that once you have that opportunity, then you're going to have the best chance of actually selling this house.”



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