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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 16, 2021

On today's episode, Matt and Garrett chat about ‘time of possession’, an important concept in communication about which there seems to be some confusion these days. It appears that a lot of people don't understand that, when it comes to building relationships, building a database, and building a business, this concept is really a fundamental piece of communication. So to clarify this for everyone today, our hosts discuss just what the term ‘time of possession’ actually means, as well as its importance and why asking questions is crucial.


They explain why many find it difficult to grasp the concept of ‘time of possession’ and how many make the mistake of failing to keep conversations going simply because they fail to ask questions. They touch on the subject of one-uppers who are all about stealing the ‘time of possession’, and discuss why you should master the skill of asking better questions as this makes all the difference in conversations. They end with a discussion on how to get solid answers instead of one-word replies from your audience - simply ask better questions.


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Episode Highlights:

  • Defining ‘time of possession’ in terms of communication
  • Learn to ask better questions
  • Are you a one-upper?
  • Avoid stealing the time of possession
  • Questions, questions, and more questions!
  • The benefits you get from asking questions
  • Here is why you keep getting one-word replies
  • Your job as a ninja is to ask more questions


“People that love to talk, go start a podcast, you can get it all out of your system.”


“If you have a similar experience with somebody, it gives you the opportunity to ask more and better questions”


“What you should be aiming for is making sure that the person you're talking with has more ‘time of possession’ than you do.”


“It's okay to talk, but when you're going to talk, talk in the form of questions.”


“The person who's enjoying the conversation the most is the one who's doing the talking.”


“Your job as a Ninja is to keep them talking.”


“Everybody's saying what's on their mind, but very few are asking people ‘What's on your mind?’”





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