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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Apr 9, 2020

Garrett and Matt are excited to officially welcome everyone to The Ninja Selling Podcast now that the transition to the new title is complete. They are particularly thrilled to revisit a topic they originally discussed in December, ‘aggressive patience’, since it is so very pertinent to this unique moment in history in which the world finds itself.


While the COVID-19 pandemic may offer people some unexpected free time, this is definitely not the moment to ‘just sit on your butt’ and wait it out. Rather, this is the time to continue evolving and adapting, to strengthen relationships with clients and address their needs, to develop new tools which will only make your business more powerful once we all emerge from this crisis, and to take steps in becoming a better real estate agent and a better human being. By all means, embrace this time to spend more time with loved ones and to pursue those interests you just never seem to have the time for, but also be sure to practice aggressive patience and keep moving forward and evolving within your business as well.


Episode Highlights:


  • Continuing to move forward and adding new tools during the pandemic
  • Strengthening client relationships and addressing their current needs
  • Preparing for the end of this crisis
  • Finding different ways to make your business work during the pandemic




“Make time to work on your business.”


“What do my people need?”


“Adjustments…are going to be made right now that are going to make your business stronger than it’s ever been.”


“Start to innovate from within to create more value on the backside.”


“This is a time to evolve…building on what you have.”


“This is the time I’ve been looking for to create the things that I have not had time for.”



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