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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Feb 28, 2019

The energy you give out is the energy you will receive. This isn't something that you can fake. Today, Garrett and Matt talk about short-term and long-term solutions to bring your energy to a HIGH POSITIVE state. Hint, it's more than just saying positive things...

Feb 26, 2019

Real estate agents LOVE getting referrals. Who doesn't? But how do you take care of the people who send you business? Today, Garrett and Matt discuss how you can acknowledge the people who positively impact your business so you can keep the referrals coming.

Feb 21, 2019

Ninja Selling has a famous concept when it comes to listing consultations that is all about showing is better than telling. Today, Garrett and Matt talk about how this extends into your business and why it is important to show your value up front, instead of just telling your potential clients about it.

Feb 19, 2019

There is a lot of talk out there right now about a market crash that could be coming. Garrett and Matt discuss that they are seeing an extremely active market right now but that a "crash" is not immediately likely. However, no matter what the market might be doing, there are things that real estate agents can do to...

Feb 14, 2019

Pricing is ALWAYS important when it comes to listing homes. In this episode, Garrett and Matt talk about how to approach a pricing conversation with sellers, what tools to use and how agents can get the job done in any market. Focus 1st is a tool that is talked about; for more on this visual pricing tool...