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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jul 23, 2020


Today’s episode was actually recorded before COVID-19 hit, and it’s been sitting on the shelf until Matt and Garrett found the right time to release it. That time is now as it marks the final installment in their ‘buyers series’. One of the agents that Garrett has coached for many years, Deborah Lysyshyn from Virginia Beach, Virginia, joins our hosts today to discuss her many years of experience in working with buyers, and how the process she has created recently resulted in her remarkable achievement of winning her office’s High GCI Award without hitting the top volume in the office.


Deborah begins by sharing her background in real estate and as a Ninja, and describes the ‘buyer presentation’ which she created years ago, and which she continues to hone today. Throughout the episode, she describes the various elements of the process she follows with buyers, providing proven and practical tips that you can start implementing immediately, and emphasizing the need for thorough preparation, being businesslike, knowing your worth and feeling confident in it. She also introduces listeners to her concept of ‘future pacing’, a key component in setting expectations for yourself and for your buyer. The vast amount of experience, expertise, knowledge, and advice which Deborah shares today truly renders this episode a master class which must not be missed.


Episode Highlights:


  • Deborah’s background in real estate and as a Ninja
  • The Buyer Presentation that she constructed
  • The Buyer Contract and setting expectations
  • Knowing your value and charging appropriately
  • The value that Deborah provides and how she handles her fees
  • ‘Future pacing’
  • The importance of running your business like a business and preparing yourself and your buyer
  • Deb’s effective and efficient process for helping buyers and her advice for new agents




“Nobody gets in my car if they haven’t signed a Buyer Contract…they want me to do the best for them, and I want them to do the best for me.”


“One of the most important things I can tell people is, ‘You know you’re going to do whatever it takes, you have no idea how long it’s going to take to get there, why don’t you make sure that you’re getting well paid?’”


“I always put them in the position of understanding that none of us are embarrassed that we get paid.”


“The buyer, basically, can hold that realtor even more accountable, in my mind, than they could if they don’t have a contract…there’s a benefit to the buyer signing a buyer agency.”


“I’m spending an hour, hour and a half with them setting expectations, learning about them, finding out what it is they need from me to help serve them at the highest level.”


“You’re answering before you’re listening.”


“The more time I put in with the buyers…the quicker they buy.”


“Deborah, you are a master at setting expectations.”


“The thing that makes this work is that you feel it, you understand it, and you know your worth, and you deliver it with confidence.”


“Prepare, prepare, prepare.”



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