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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 7, 2021

For this great first week of the new year, Matt and Garrett want to review a process that can make your entire year great as well: real estate reviews. Looking back at last year, they can see that so many people enjoyed a lot of success with these reviews and put some creative spins on them to be able to run them under the most unique circumstances. Today, our hosts will look at these successes, the creativity involved, and show you how to move forward to implementing them and making this new year as amazing as possible.

They begin by sharing some statistics about real estate in 2020, the two approaches to real estate reviews, and highlighting Kevin McCarthy’s ‘Real Estate Well Check’. They then look at the value of these reviews, what they are designed for, how they can potentially backfire, and some resources you can use when starting them. Matt and Garrett finish up by reminding you that this is your way to become that trusted advisor that everyone needs during these changing times. Take advantage of this moment in time to listen to this instructive episode, educate yourself so you can then educate your people, and proceed to improve all your lives in the process.


Episode Highlights:

  •   Some statistics regarding real estate in 2020
  •   The two approaches to real estate reviews
  •   Kevin McCarthy’s ‘Real Estate Well Check’
  •   The potential value of annual estate reviews
  •   Face-to-face and virtual/Zoom reviews
  •   What a real estate review is designed to do and how it can backfire
  •   Employing the data, tools, and home calculator
  •   Showing up as an advisor
  •   Easy ways to get started
  •   Ninja Planner offer reminder



“Real estate is…one of the basic needs.”

“Over 8 million people have bought a home since the pandemic started…that’s nuts!”

“The whole value is me being with them, talking to them, having the conversation about their real estate so that they’re in the best position possible at any point in time.”

“You are pre-planning your live-flow as well.”

“All of the things that we want to do within the Ninja system can happen with just even a focused plan on real estate reviews.”

“The Ninja Nine can be done virtually.”

“This is a golden opportunity that’s been given to people.”

“You can do a video tour of somebody’s house.”

“Now, you’re going to bring up real estate, but you already have permission because these are your people.”

“It’s bringing up real estate, but in their best interest.”

“People need a trusted advisor when it comes to real estate right now.”

“What does this market mean right now?”

“The best thing that she’s ever seen attract listings…is the real estate reviews, and consistency with it.”

“The opportunity is there in front of you.”



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