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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

While the ink is still drying on some business plans out there, Matt and Garrett are already seeing some agents get distracted by the many shiny objects that come their way every year, and, really, every day. There will always be some new app, program, approach or even just an email coming your way that will endeavor to draw you away from the plan you have carefully put together. No strangers to these impulses themselves, our hosts have figured out some steps to follow in maintaining a planned course while also exploring these perceived distractions, and are only too happy to share them with you here today.

They begin by encouraging you to carve out a time outside of your daily business routines to explore these enticing objects, and to ensure their ‘urgency factor’ doesn’t override the seemingly less urgent but, in reality, far more important steps laid out in your plan. They go on to offer a number of tools and strategies to help you achieve this, so that you can continue to pursue your planned route to success while also having the freedom to delve into those others interests in your life and in these shiny objects. Learning how to manage these objects as they come into your life is one of the keys to enjoying overall success, and Matt and Garrett’s ‘PSA on Shiny Object Syndrome’ here today teaches us all how to do just that.


Episode Highlights:

  •   Give yourself time to explore outside of normal daily business routine
  •   Don’t give into the urgency factor
  •   The time management matrix and maximizing your productivity
  •   Daily shiny objects
  •   Expectations and calendar/time blocking
  •   Using Ninja Journals
  •   Having little blocks of time to pursue other interests
  •   Using shiny objects to our advantage



“The key is to not let these things interrupt your normal daily routine and the big things you have set aside for your business plan.”

“When you have a set appointment that you know is there…you don’t get distracted by the shiny objects.”

“You need to understand the importance of the activity.”

“Where can I fit this in, because this is becoming important to me?”

“You have a plan, there’s actions there that you need to take, or you get to take, I should say, in order to achieve all those goals that you have. So, make those the priority, and don’t let the shiny objects distract you from that.”

“You need to have a place to just accumulate that information so that you can come back to it later.”

“Nobody’s immune to this…the ones that can control it the most…this is what allows you to get to your goals, build the life you want, have the freedoms that you want.”



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