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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

Today’s topic is both a simple and very important one, particularly given the current situation throughout the world: alcohol. As everyone adjusts to the altered lifestyle that has been thrust upon them, alcohol sales and consumption are off the charts, leaving Matt and Garrett more than a little concerned about just how well everyone is doing out there.


In this episode, Matt and Garrett review the current statistics and their own observations regarding the rise in alcohol usage, and debunk the myth of alcohol’s contribution to business. They also discuss the impact that alcohol has upon so many aspects of a person’s life, encourage listeners to find other ways to decompress, and recommend that they take a pause, analyze their own situation, and course correct if necessary. While they fully understand that drinking in moderation is something that is part of so many people’s lives, including their own, today’s show is their little ‘Public Service Announcement’ encouraging everyone to exercise self-awareness and to approach alcohol consumption responsibly during this pandemic and beyond.


Episode Highlights:


  • Some statistics and observations about the current rise in alcohol sales and consumption
  • Debunking the myth of alcohol’s contribution to improving business
  • Finding other ways to decompress
  • It’s time to step back, evaluate, and be self-aware and responsible
  • The effects of alcohol on sleep patterns, recovery, weight loss, motivation and productivity




“Alcohol is not a performance increaser or enhancer when it comes to business.”


“Is my thought of what might help me decompress impacting my ability to be better energized so I can perform better the next day so I’m not as stressed, and don’t need all that alcohol by the end of the day?”


“How can I be the sharpest I can possibly be right now?”


“If you take the average realtor and you send him to a party, the average realtor will leave with a buzz. You take a Ninja and send him to a party, they’ll leave with leads.”


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