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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Sep 24, 2020

As you may have heard, there is an election coming up in the U.S. and that has led to a question about agents becoming involved in helping spread the message of the party whose policies about which they feel strongly. While there is a school of thought that says agents should steer clear of this topic altogether, Matt and Garrett are here to discuss the quality that allows you to be yourself and demonstrate your beliefs in any aspect of life - authenticity.


They begin by pointing out that, when working with strangers, it can prove difficult to be completely open about all your beliefs, but that by building a referral based business, surrounded by those who know, like, trust, and understand you, being yourself is actually the best thing you can do. They explore the core of authenticity, the example to be found in Gary Vaynerchuk, the dangers of being fake or of compromising your values, and the wisdom in taking care with how you share information about yourself. Their overall message of being and sharing who you are while also being open to others doing the same, and possibly disagreeing with you, represents yet another lesson from our hosts that is beneficial not just for your business but for your life in general – another glowing example of the value and power of the Ninja philosophy.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Working with strangers
  •   The great thing about building a referral based business
  •   The core of authenticity
  •   Gary Vaynerchuk
  •   The danger of being fake or compromising your values
  •   How you share things
  •   Who are you surrounding yourself with?
  •   Being open to the thoughts of others





“You can be authentically you in the craziness that you are.”


“Everybody knows what your belief systems are when you are building that tight group of people in your database and your sphere of influence.”


“I think it’s awesome when people volunteer to help spread a message that they believe in. That’s actually the core of authenticity, isn’t it?”


“You can still be good at what you do and have different political opinions.”


“The more you’re building a business around people that know, like, and trust and understand you, and you know, like, and trust and understand them, you can authentically be yourself and not only will it not hurt your business, it will make your business thrive.”


“Be authentic to who you are.”


“Be unafraid to share and be who you are…be prepared for other opinions to come in…embrace it.”


“Be open to learning more. Don’t close yourself off where you’re not experiencing other people’s thoughts.”


“The greatest gift you have to give is yourself.”


“Don’t change to be like others…be authentic and build the people around you that appreciate your authenticity and who you are. It’s a much more fun business, it’s a much more fun life to go down that route.”



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