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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

What are you looking for out there right now? What are you deciding to focus on that you want to see more of? These are the two questions that Matt and Garrett address in today’s episode, as they explore the core Ninja concept ‘what you focus on expands’.


They start by looking at the mindsets that emerged at the start of the pandemic and how those mindsets have impacted the success experienced by those adhering to them. They also emphasize the importance of affirmations, a forward-thinking mindset and a return to deep gratitude, and share a valuable resource from New York Times best-selling author, Pam Grout. Making a conscious decision to focus on what is positive and what will improve your personal and professional life is a key to success, and Matt and Garrett are here to show you how.


Episode Highlights:


  • The two prevailing mindsets at the beginning of the pandemic
  • What are you choosing to look for?
  • The importance of affirmations, a forward-thinking mindset, and a return to deep gratitude
  • ‘E-Squared’, by Pam Grout




“If we are looking for one thing or the other, we will find it.”


“When you wake up in the morning too, what do you want to go seek?”


“Don’t change that much right now…people still need our help.”


“If you want to find business, there’s business everywhere.”


“Your job does not depend on whether the market’s going up or going down. What it…depends on is how many people need our help, and that’s what you choose to focus on.”


“Don’t feel alone in your confusion.”


“There’s so much stuff that’s happening with our mind and what we’re programming ourselves to look for.”



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