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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

One of the trends that Matt and Garrett are seeing these days is the number of people looking to move away from a few of the cities across the United States that are currently going through some changes. This has led them to take this opportunity to review the importance of the buyer’s packet and how it is always beneficial to all involved, and particularly so these days.


They begin by looking at this trend in more detail, and reviewing the two types of packets, as well as what information and resources should go into each one. They explore the notion of becoming the lifestyle expert for your area, especially for the second home market, and they stress the value of the packet as well as the need to have both physical and digital versions of it. The idea of a buyer quiz is introduced, as are the reasons that developers generate these packets, and the suggestion is made to access local experts in your area when creating your own version. In the end, there are so many benefits to be had in setting yourself apart from other agents, and today’s episode is brimming with information and ideas to do just that through an item that is all too often a missed opportunity for agents - the buyer’s packet.


Episode Highlights:


  • Current trends across the country
  • The two types of Buyer’s Packet and what should go into each one
  • Promoting the lifestyle of your area
  • Second home markets and lifestyle
  • The value of the buyer’s packet
  • Having physical and digital versions of the packet
  • The buyer quiz
  • Why developers prepare buyer packets
  • Leaning in on local experts to help build the packet
  • Setting yourself apart from other agents




“There are some areas of the United States that are going through some changes.”


“What is unique to your area?”


“You can become the expert on the lifestyle in your area.”


“When you are not dead set on one place…this is where the information becomes extremely valuable to make decisions.”


“We need to get it out into people’s hands.”


“All of a sudden, you’re the one that steps up with more value, more information…it’s that novelty piece that sets you apart.”


“It better be spectacular.”


“Lean into your own database, too...learn from your people what their favorite things are of the town that you live in.”


“You don’t want to blend in with the rest of the crowd.”



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