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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jul 16, 2020

Across the country, and actually throughout the world, the state of the real estate market is causing a number of buyer challenges which are resulting in far too many properties falling through on contract these days. Happily, Matt and Garrett are here today to review with listeners the Ninja Buyer Process, which, when followed thoroughly, helps buyers understand the market and determine their true goals while also allowing agents to efficiently and effectively guide these buyers.


Stressed throughout the episode is the need to follow the buyer process completely without skipping steps or cutting corners, and our hosts offer their sage advice on how to carve out the time to run through the process with buyers. They also demonstrate how this process addresses the common buyer fear of missing out on their ‘dream house’, and they also review a case study of the success of an agent who followed the process faithfully. Matt then invites interested agents to participate in a ‘showing’ to ‘under contract’ comparison tracking exercise, before he and Garrett clarify just what constitutes a ‘showing’, and direct listeners to a previous podcast to learn all about the most overlooked step in the Buyer Process. There is a massive movement throughout the world of people changing their surroundings in response to the recent world events, affecting real estate markets everywhere. The result is certainly not a ‘child’s play market’ – a fact that renders the timeless information and advice offered in today’s episode more relevant and valuable than ever.


Episode Highlights:


  • The importance of following all steps of the Buyer Process
  • Creating the time to run through the process
  • The fear of missing out on the ‘dream house’
  • A case study of the benefits of faithfully following the process
  • Matt’s ‘showing’ to ‘under contract’ comparison tracking proposal
  • What constitutes a ‘showing’
  • The most overlooked step of the Buyer Process




“This process is for the buyers.”


“You need to follow the process if you want to see great results.”


“We sometimes get lulled by our own perceptions of how things are done.”


“She had a moment of seeing that it could be done better.”


“How many properties are you showing to a buyer before they go under contract?”


“Clear buyers commit.”


“Know that you have the best tool you could ever imagine in your back pocket right now if you choose to use it.”


“This works in any market.”



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