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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

One issue that Matt and Garrett are seeing with increasing frequency in their clients these days is the need to confirm or re-evaluate their ‘why’. When all is going well and people are moving through their typical day to day, they don’t really concentrate so much on this aspect, but when things change or become uncertain, as they have during these past 6 months or so, it’s high time to re-evaluate your ‘why’, and our hosts walk you through that process today.


They begin by reviewing the difference between goals and your ‘why’, the reasons that it is so important, and what specifically Matt is seeing with his clients in this regard these days. They then go on to discuss the notion of the big picture, the legacy you want to leave behind, and using real estate as a vehicle for achieving happiness. Some practices surrounding re-evaluating your ‘why’ are introduced, especially the Life List, along with some resources to consult such as the four quadrants. They conclude by encouraging listeners to really determine who they are and who they want to be at their core, and by sharing the importance of giving yourself space in order to achieve this. This is yet another inspired episode where our hosts go far beyond the world of real estate to address your overall well-being, which will, in turn, improve all aspects of your life, including, of course, your business.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Questions for the upcoming Q & A episode
  •   The difference between goals and the ‘why’
  •   Why the ‘why’ is so important
  •   What Matt is seeing these days regarding his clients’ ‘why’
  •   Your impact and legacy
  •   Real estate as a vehicle to achieve happiness
  •   Re-evaluating your ‘why’
  •   The Life List and some Life List resources
  •   The quadrants of to do, to have, to be, to give
  •   Who you are at the core
  •   Giving yourself space to put on your emotional armor




“Goals are different from the ‘why’. The ‘why’ is like the journey.”


“Step into this really small word with massive impact.”


“When you protect your purpose, your purpose protects you.”


“Without the ‘why’, the ‘why’ just turns into ‘work harder’.”


“What are people saying about you at your funeral?”


“My ‘why’s may not be the things they were last year – the things that really drive me.”


“It’s an exercise that we don’t do often enough.”


“We start to put some purpose into our action.”


“This is what’s important to me in my life right now. This is where I’m at.”


“We all need to made sure we’re putting on our emotional armor at the beginning of the day and use that time to connect with ourselves.”


“I want everybody to think about that also, as you’re putting down the things on your life list, really stop and analyze what part of these four quadrants does this give to. And it might show up on more than one.”


“If you have a great ‘why’, lean into it even more.”



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