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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 28, 2021

Continuing on from last week’s episode, Matt and Garrett are still seeing some steps that are being skipped by agents due to the current flurry of activity in the markets these days. This week, they take a look at one of the most important time blocks of every agent’s week, second only to their weekly planning, and that is the customer service call. So often pushed off the schedule, or not even scheduled at all, these calls are critical to building those lasting relationships that are so mutually rewarding, and our hosts have some great examples and advice about them to share with you all today.

They start by reviewing the long term relationship at the heart of the Ninja system, highlighting the many benefits of making regular customer service calls when building these relationships, and demonstrating the dangers of allowing them to lapse. Controlling your time, The 5-Step Calling Process, unlocking referrals and generating social proof are also discussed. As you will discover, you really don’t need a huge database if you take great care of your people, and the customer service call, explained in vivid detail here today, provides the key to achieving just that.


Episode Highlights:

  •   Building a long term relationship
  •   Relieving stress for all parties
  •   Scheduling the calls
  •   The importance of regular communication especially in times of low inventory
  •   The dangers of letting communication lapse
  •   Controlling your time
  •   The 5-Step Calling Process
  •   Unlocking referrals and the compounding effect
  •   Social proof



“This is one of your key areas to get time back.”

“It’s a really healthy way to have a relationship with the people you’re working with.”

“It opens us up to being able to ask questions.”

“Everybody’s getting high quality attention.”

“We will show up better for others than we will show up for ourselves.”

“I felt their energy come back.”

“What is my realtor doing?”

“Right now, buyers need to know that they’ve got somebody in their corner.”

“You can keep them focused.”

“You want to know what they’re doing.”

“I find that people who do the regular customer service calls asking these FORD questions, start to get more referrals from their active clients.”

“If you got 2 solid referrals from every single person you did a transaction with last year, what would your year of 2021 look like?”

“I’ve never had a real estate agent that took this much time to get to know who we are.”

“You don’t need a massive database to have a huge business if you are staying in communication, and it starts with the customer service call.”

“Your clients will love them.”

“The referral floodgates are open right now, and it’s available to everybody. But you’ve got to be doing the right stuff.”



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