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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Sep 30, 2021

Creating content for social media or enhancing your pre-listing packet can be very useful tools as a realtor, but when these activities are consuming your entire day, it’s time to step back and put your Ninja Nine back at the top of your priority list. If you’re finding yourself hung up on the idea that you’ll get to your systems once you’ve done something else, you may be making excuses for inactivity. On today’s episode, Matt and Garrett talk about what happens when agents get stuck on creating the “perfect” content to the point that they neglect other, more important foundational activities. Or worse, their overthinking and preoccupation with creating content yields no results at all.

Our hosts discuss the importance of knowing what consumers are actually looking at - if you spend hours and hours pouring over your newsletter, only to stick it in an unmarked envelope never to be opened, it’s not the best use of your valuable time. Matt and Garrett encourage us to take advantage of the products and services offered by our brokers, to set time blocks to make sure we don’t get bogged down in content creation, and to optimize the activities that are actually producing the best results. They caution against comparing yourself to other agents, and remind us to lean into the activities that we most enjoy doing. This will help you use your time more efficiently and avoid getting wrapped up in tasks that don’t move your business forward. 

If you’re having fun with the creative side of your business but it’s taking priority over your Ninja Nine, today’s episode will help you recognize whether it’s become an excuse, and how you can recalibrate.

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Episode Highlights

  • Content creation on social media can be a very helpful tool, but it shouldn’t take priority over doing your Ninja Nine
  • Reminder to send in your pre-listing packets to Garrett for a special research project
  • It doesn’t have to be the “best of the best” - just whatever you’re currently using
  • It’s better to send out something than get held up trying to create the “perfect” packet
  • Real estate reviews, pre-listing packets, marketing campaigns, and databases tend to fall prey to overthinking and overanalyzing to the point of inactivity
  • If content creation takes up most of your time, it becomes an excuse for not doing your foundational activities
  • Keep in mind what consumers are actually looking at
  • Example of agents spending an inordinate amount of time creating their unique newsletter, then sticking it in an unmarked envelope, likely never to be opened at all
  • If you enjoy spending that time creating the newsletter, it’s not necessarily wasted time
  • If the enjoyment factor is not there, you might be better off putting your time toward something else
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others as this can get you stuck in the weeds
  • Find companies and products that you like and trust and use those - you don’t have to do everything yourself
  • Set a time limit to make sure you don’t get bogged down in content creation
  • If your clients love the content you’re creating, find out which parts they enjoy most and optimise those aspects - talk to people whose opinions you truly value and trust
  • If you can produce the same results in half the time, why wouldn’t you want to go that route and leave yourself more time for personal passions or family?
  • Consistency with social media is more important than creating that one post that goes viral
  • Be mindful of what you have the capacity for and do not overbook yourself
  • Lean into the activities that you enjoy doing the most, be consistent with them, and use time blocks to stay on task



I will do it once I have that - That's an interesting place that we find people all the time.”

“Don't let those become excuses for inactivity.”

“So many people get stuck in, Well, I need to create the best content or I want this content to be unique...then it just consumes the entire day.” 

“I would say content creation turns into the over-analyzation of, What features do I need? What do I want it to look like? Maybe I should go with this one? Maybe I should go with that one?

“The two most common questions I see are, What CRM do you use? That's probably the number one. And then the second is, What do you use for marketing?

“I love creating content. But you have to look at it from a systems perspective when it starts to consume all this time and becomes an excuse as to why we're not doing foundational business activities.”

“Find companies, products, and sources that you trust, that you like, that bring value to your people, and use those products.”

“The number one complaint of your owners and brokers out there is that they have services that you don't use.”

“I'm a big believer in, Tighten the timeline down.”

“Go talk to your people about what parts that they really like, and see where you can optimize some of your time there.”

“If that 10 hours that you're spending, or more, on your newsletter is not producing the business results that you want to see, then your clients don't really love it that much.”

“If you're going to spend this time away from your loved ones, not necessarily doing your other passions in life, let's be really efficient with it.”

“This is the hard part, because you have to actually talk to your people about what you're sending, which sometimes can be uncomfortable.”

“I think that’s what you’ve got to look for is, What feels right to me? What's something that I enjoy doing? And running in those directions.”



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