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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 19, 2023

Choosing food analogies over racing ones today, Matt and Garrett embark on an exciting exploration of sustainable business systems, comparing them to the art of meal preparation. They dissect three distinct approaches to crafting these systems: the extravagant, though unsustainable, akin to preparing a gourmet Beef Wellington daily; the rudimentary and swift method, resembling fast food; and the sustainable middle ground, not unlike preparing a simple yet satisfying meal. The overarching message is crystal clear – striking a harmonious balance in your business systems is paramount. 

Together, our hosts unlock the secrets to constructing sustainable business systems that yield enduring results. The key takeaway resonates loudly – seek that elusive equilibrium in your real estate endeavors that will enable you to deliver substantial value without succumbing to the twin threats of burnout and inefficiency - for therein lies the path to long-lasting triumph. This podcast isn't merely informative; it's your indispensable roadmap to sustainable greatness in the world of real estate - you’ll be feasting on this one for a good long time!

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Episode Highlights:

  • Three distinct approaches to business systems

  • Assessing the value of your time, enjoyment, and outcomes in your business systems

  • The benefits of sustainable systems

  • Individual sustainability

  • Middle ground success

  • Parallels between preparing meals at home and crafting effective, sustainable business systems

  • Striking a balance in your real estate reviews and other business activities

  • Embracing adaptation and sustainability



"Sustainability means finding a comfortable way to show up consistently in your business."

"The value of your time and the impact of your business systems are crucial factors in achieving sustainability."

"Sustainable business systems allow you to maintain a healthy balance in your professional life, preventing burnout."

"Striking the right balance in your real estate reviews and other business activities is key to achieving consistent success."

"Sustainability also relies on what is your commitment to that and what is that going to look like one month, two months, one year from now if you do commit to this?"

"It's business planning season. Analyze what you're willing to commit to and build systems for a higher baseline to avoid falling into the trap of diminishing returns."



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