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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 14, 2020

Matt and Garrett are fully aware of the potential irony to be found in using an audio podcast to promote the value of employing video in building relationships and your brand, but that doesn’t stop them from doing just that in today’s episode. A great deal has changed in the world since the last time they explored this topic with listeners, and this opportunity to revisit the use of video will demonstrate just how much it has evolved as well.


After reviewing the benefits of using pictures and especially videos to capture interest and attention, our hosts go on to provide some examples of the creative ways they are seeing video being used these days. They also provide some valuable tips for making and distributing your own videos and offer some personal insights into just how powerful the use of the one-to-one video can be. It is a Ninja mainstay that the best way to connect is voice to voice or face to face, and, while video will not replace this connection, as you will discover today, it can go a long way in creatively and effectively reinforcing it.


Episode Highlights:


  • The benefits of using photos and videos
  • Examples of how people are embracing the use of video
  • Valuable tips for creating and distributing videos
  • The power inherent in one-to-one videos




“The most valuable gift that you have to offer is yourself.”


“The video quality is actually not as important as the sound quality.”


“If you can cover sound and lighting then you’re good to get started and really move forward on your video.”


“You can’t put out too much video, but you can if you’re not delivering value.”


“You can start to get videos built into your process.”


“I don’t think you should do video in place of face-to-face, or necessarily in place of phone-to-phone, because those are live interactions.”


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