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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

As the world continues to change so quickly these days, and the marketplace changes right along with it, Matt and Garrett’s coaching calls are increasingly dealing with one particular topic. Agents across the country are wondering exactly how they get on the listings side of the market given the current inventory situation, and, happily, our hosts have the insight and advice to get them there.


They begin by reviewing real estate reviews and the importance they hold, the quality conversations that these reviews generate, and just how crucial it is to have the correct intent when engaging in them. They then offer strategies around how to respond to questions regarding the current marketplace, look at the value of making adjustments to homes to address what buyers are looking for in a post-COVID world, and recommend ways to become a trusted ‘Home Ownership Advisor’ for your people. Throughout all of their advice today runs an emphasis on the importance of affirmations, of believing in yourself, and of having the proper mindset. Regardless of the state of the marketplace, this episode offers a timeless guide to becoming an effective, efficient, and successful listing agent.


Episode Highlights:


  • Real estate reviews and why they are so important
  • The conversations that these reviews generate
  • Having the proper intent
  • Responding to questions about the marketplace these days
  • Making houses more appealing for future sales
  • Becoming a Home Ownership Advisor
  • The importance of affirmations, believing in yourself, and having the proper mindset




“People are struggling now with trying to attract sellers.”


“Real estate reviews are one of the most powerful ways that you can be a trusted adviser for somebody with the current real estate that they own right now, and…they are your sellers.”


“Through that conversation is where the magic happens.”


“You can’t go into it looking for listings, you’ve got to go into it with the intent of educating your people and showing them what’s happening, but it will produce listings.”


“From a seller’s benefit right now, because of low interest rates, there are more people that can buy your house than there was six months ago.”


“Before you put any money into this house, we should talk about what’s going to make this house incredibly appealing to people in the future.”


“There’s no reason why you can’t come out of the chutes being a listing agent.”


“I am a listing agent. I am a listing agent. I am a listing agent.”



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