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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Aug 30, 2021

Matt and Garrett welcome an amazing member of the Ninja family, Lee Eckroth, to the show to discuss his journey with Ninja Coaching, including the revelation that he was not initially ready to be coached and the pivotal phone call that ultimately changed this for him in a big way. Lee talks about transforming himself physically and mentally to get himself in the right mindset to be coached, figuring out his “why” and how real estate could help him achieve his goals to give back to his community, and how this realization completely changed the way he operated his business.

Lee expands on how the Ninja Systems have allowed him to have a better business and a better life, the idea of training clients to be Ninja clients, and the importance of “getting off the electronic leash” periodically. Our hosts ask Lee about the next exciting phase of his business, his philosophy behind building a great team around him, and which Ninja Systems he still makes sure to do every single day. As Larry Kendall likes to say, you should only share things that can be duplicated. Lee’s inspiring journey of implementing the Ninja Systems and building an incredible business, all while giving back and doing the things he loves, is a brilliant testament to the kind of success you can find if you stay on the right path. For more information about Lee’s tech company, you can visit or send an email to

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Episode Highlights

  • Today’s guest is Lee Eckroth of Town & Country Realty in Corvallis, Oregon
  • Garrett and Lee have known each other since April 2007
  • Lee has a huge heart and desire to give back on an extreme level
  • Lee’s introduction to Ninja and journey with Ninja Coaching
  • He wasn’t quite ready to be coached at first - it took years to implement, but once it happened, it happened in a big way
  • He realized there was too much going on that didn’t align with his values or how he wanted to live his life; a phone call with Garrett made him realize this
  • He made huge changes mentally, physically, personally, and professionally
  • Once he had a “clean slate,” he was ready to start the process back up with Garrett 
  • Getting physically and mentally healthy helped Lee see what was truly important to him
  • A key part of his journey was letting go of the past and focusing on the future
  • Getting yourself in the mindset to be “coachable”
  • Surround yourself with the best mentors and influences you possibly can
  • Getting past thresholds on his journey
  • Realizing he needed more than just working and getting paid - he wanted to give back and was inspired by other agents who did this
  • Shifting the focus from how many closings they had to how many beds they could provide to needy children
  • This transformed how they did business and the energy his office put out there
  • People responded to this and became even more drawn to working with Lee’s team as a result
  • The important role that Ninja Systems have played in Lee’s business so that he could enjoy more success than ever, but still have plenty of time for other areas of his life
  • Training clients to be Ninja clients
  • Lee wishes he would have implemented Ninja Systems earlier, but Garrett points out that the learning experiences along the way are all part of the journey
  • “Off the electronic leash” vacations
  • Ninja Systems give you momentum and make sure your business takes care of itself, even during challenging times
  • Lee co-founded a tech company called Majordomo, which offers repair estimates based on your home inspection
  • He brings Ninja Systems to everything he does
  • Garrett comments that Lee is in top gear
  • Lee’s team is his community
  • Affirmations are a key part of Lee’s morning
  • Being consistent with your Ninja Systems is key to success



“For me, I love mountain biking. I love hanging out with people and appreciate being with my Ninja family today.”

“I learned from Larry - only share things that can be duplicated.”

“The implementation took years for me to grasp. But when that happened, it happened in a big way.”

“Garrett and I were on one of our phone calls. I was multitasking, which tells you a little bit about where I was. Here I was, having this great coach, but I was doing multiple things while I was on this call, because obviously, that call wasn't the most important thing at that point in my life.”

“I quickly got to a point saying, I got to figure out what I need to do to turn this around because it's possible this guy, Garrett, who was my coach, was seeing something I wasn't seeing.”

“That was a key part of this whole journey was really figuring out where I wanted to go. And realizing that real estate was a tool to get me there.”

“Getting physically and mentally healthy was really important… It gave me the ability to find out what was important to me, because I had too much other stuff around me that I thought was important. And it turned out that was just all stuff.”

“You told me to go home and take down every picture that I had in my home that reminded me of the past and put those away and only focus on the future. And that was a key part of that journey.”

“If I'm willing to be coached, great things can happen.”

“The idea was for the number of bedrooms and residential properties that we sold, we would make a donation to this organization so they could give a bed to a kid. That was a complete turning point of my business.”

“I'm a community guy. And for me, my community was my coaches. It was the people where I live, it was the people I worked with. It was never about the real estate. It was always about doing really cool stuff. And real estate was just a way to get there.”

“I tried to surround myself with people who could extend some of the ideas that we had. But it came down to the Ninja Systems. And it was about attracting the right people you wanted to work with. And then using the Systems, the Buyers Process, and just everything that we do to train those people so that we could have our own lives.”

“While you're teaching us to be Ninja real estate agents, we're training our clients to be Ninja clients.”

“Looking back, if I knew what I know today, I would have worked three times as hard to get those systems up and running faster. That's one of the changes I would have done.”

“Your clients don't respect you if you're taking phone calls while you're supposed to be with your kids. They just don't.” 

“As long as you have good systems in place, people are going to want to work with you…  You could be a really great person, but if your systems are miserable, you're toast.”

“We have this company today that we're really proud of. We are serving agents and homebuyers across the country, helping them better understand and make those confidence decisions based on that home inspection data.” 

“Affirmations are a key part of waking up every day. And being in the right mindset, knowing what you're going to do every day.” 

“For anybody out there, getting to a point where you have a greater ‘why’ than just real estate or having income - it can be life changing. And once you get into that space, that's really where the magic starts to happen.”



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