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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Nov 29, 2021

On today's episode, Matt and Garrett are concluding business planning month by discussing a topic Matt is passionate about – health. Planning for your business is, as we all know, so incredibly important, but how many of us put as much effort into planning to achieve and maintain good health? This episode analyzes the need to include eating a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep, and regular exercising into your business plan and everyday routine, and the positive impact this will have on your business overall.

Our hosts begin by discussing the ways in which your health impacts how you perform in your business and the importance of working routines around eating, exercising and sleeping. They share convenient ways of keeping your body and mind in a good state, including having your groceries delivered, hiring a chef, investing in a personal trainer, and investing in home gym equipment like a Peloton, Tonal, or Mirror. In addition, Garrett shares his vision about keeping healthy to spend quality time with his kids as they grow up, and Matt explains the importance of sleep in his household and how it enables him to bring a lot of energy to each and every day. A healthy body and a healthy business go hand in hand, and today Matt and Garrett demonstrate how working on the former can generate even greater success in the latter.

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Episode Highlights:

  •   How your health impacts how you perform in your business.
  •   Setting a routine in advance for sleep, exercise, and eating healthy.
  •   Including health as a part of your business plan this year.
  •   The plan to have your groceries delivered.
  •   The plan to hire a chef.
  •   Investing in a personal trainer.
  •   Investing in home gym equipment like a Peloton, Tonal, or Mirror.
  •   How investing in your health saves quality time.
  •   Keeping healthy for your family.
  •   Celebrating the steps you take to keep healthy, for example, putting that $20 beer money in a jar to save for a Peloton.
  •   The need to have adequate sleep.
  •   Putting bedtime in your business plan.



"We get to see a lot of business plans - a lot. In looking at people's business plans, health is one area that's left off almost every single time people look at their business."

"When you really bring health into the equation, what you need to understand is that you are the vehicle that gets to allow all of this stuff to happen. And without your health, without your mind in a great place, it just deteriorates every single thing you have around you."

"The busier I see people get, the less water they have."

"As the focus on health decreases in businesses at a certain level, all of a sudden burnout starts to appear physically and mentally, not because you're busy, but because now we're getting sleep that's not as good."

"If you're taking care of yourself at the best possible level that you can, or at least trending in that direction, you're going to be able to serve at a higher level."

"You can spend some of the money upfront and take care of yourself, or you can spend the money in the later years trying to take care of yourself."

"Years ago, I had an affirmation, or it was on my vision board, that as my kids grow up, I want to make sure I'm the person that when they say, 'Dad, you want to go run in the backyard and play tag?', my answer is always ‘Yes’, with no hesitation."

"Getting higher quality sleep by eating better nutrition can be a complete gamechanger."

"Sleep is very, very valuable in our household. To ensure that I get the best sleep that I possibly can, I want to make sure I'm eating right. And what's amazing is the nights that I get four-and-a-half hours of sleep, yes, I'm a little tired, but I'm still able to bring a lot of energy through the day."


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