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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

Today’s episode touches on a hot topic of discussion these days - whether now is the right time to buy. If you have buyers who are asking this question, there is probably more going on, and it’s your job to find out what. Matt and Garrett talk about helping your clients narrow down their long-term vision, how a potential purchase fits into their five-year plan, and whether it aligns with their lifestyle. Using the Ninja Buyer Process, you can help your clients find clarity, even in the midst of unpredictable life events. Our hosts explain how to guide both renters and homeowners through this process, ask the right questions, and empower them to become smart, educated Ninja clients, who ultimately become decisive Ninja buyers.


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Episode Highlights

  • Today’s episode explores whether now is the right time to buy
  • If buyers are asking this question, we need to discover what’s holding them back
  • Ask lots of questions to find out what else is going on
  • You need to get a bigger sense of why they’re asking this, and what this purchase means to them long-term
  • Renters versus homeowners
  • What is the lifestyle your buyers want to have (within their means)?
  • Helping clients narrow down their long-term vision
  • Uncertainty of life events can change these decisions as well
  • Ninja Buyer Process will help clients find their clarity, become Ninja clients, and ultimately Ninja buyers



“When buyers start getting into that, Well, is this the right time to buy? There's something else going on, and we need to discover what.”


“My first thing is, Well, talk to me about what this house means to you for the next five years.”


“You need to get a bigger sense of why they are asking this.”


“If you are a current homeowner, and you are planning on staying in that local vicinity, and you're worried about what your money is going to do, that you have tied up your house, it's going to go down, or it's going to go up no matter what. You're in the market. You're there.”


“If it's your primary residence, don't play with the money so much.”


“Let's start talking about these decisions based on the life you want to live and why you decided that you wanted to explore purchasing a home or selling a home in the first place. And as a real estate agent, that's our job is to help guide our people through this process.”


“When it comes to making big purchase decisions like a house, if you have a long-term vision, it's going to make that so much easier.”


“Sit down with them and have them write out exactly what they want that bigger picture to look like.”


“We're making financial decisions, sometimes based on the uncertainty of life events… We're already combining two things that don't always match well together. And then taking the uncertainty of both of those things and putting it together. No wonder people get confused in a time like this.”


“Tell me what's really going on through your head. And what would you really like to see out of this home, this neighborhood, this change that you're looking to make?”


“You've got to look at the quality of life, but also the time that you're here on this planet and say, Okay, is it worth having that in my life, for the time that I'm here?


“[The Ninja Buyer Process] allows them to be an educated, smart buyer. That's the beauty of that process.”


“It's not designed to make you a better agent. It's designed to make them better buyers.”


“If you're doing the right things up front, you've turned them into a Ninja buyer. Ninja buyers can make decisions for themselves. And if they're leaning too heavily on you, it means you haven't asked enough questions. You haven't done your processes. You haven't allowed them to be a Ninja client.”





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