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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

As we progress through this new year, Matt and Garrett are noticing two distinct groups when it comes to the business plan. There are those who have completed and are already implementing their plans, and then there are those who are still talking about completing them – today’s episode is for this second group. At some point you’ve got to ‘put a bow on what you’ve got and run with it’, and, today, our hosts help you do just that.

Employing road trip and guided missile analogies, Matt and Garrett emphasize the importance of taking action, knowing where you are in your plan, as well as the dangers of getting stuck in the planning loop. Examining the reasons why you haven’t completed your plan, and using the Ninja Nine, Larry Kendall videos, and life lists to help you plan are all discussed as well. If you are one of those agents who is still talking about completing your business plan for 2021, today’s message is both clear and crucial - it’s time to move on and act on what you have.


Episode Highlights:

  •   Their road trip analogy
  •   The importance of action
  •   The Ninja Nine
  •   The Guided Missile analogy
  •   Knowing where you stand with your plan
  •   Getting stuck in the planning loop
  •   Examining why you haven’t completed your plan
  •   Breaking down items on your life list
  •   Accessing previous podcast episodes and Larry Kendall videos


“Your plan is a way to help you stay focused throughout the year.”

“Success only happens because of action.”

“We need to adjust a little bit to bring some self-awareness in.”

“This is the time for action…taking forward momentum.”

“You don’t want to get stuck in the endless planning loop.”

“If I don’t have a plan that’s an excuse not to do it.”

“Scarcity can creep in real fast when we start to fear losing certain things that we really enjoy or keep us sane, so to speak.” 

“It allows me to maximize the time that I’m running my life right now.”

“Identify what are the little things that you would need to do to help accomplish this bigger thing in your plan.”

“Dreaming about it, sitting around and not doing anything about it, is actually sitting there in disbelief that those things are actually possible for you.”

“I’m so excited for 2021!”

“Stay on your toes. Be willing to adjust. Be willing to move quickly.”

“Let’s go!”



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