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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Nov 16, 2020

One topic that just doesn’t seem to get enough attention, even from some of the best Ninja’s, is the potential value of understanding learning modalities. Knowing how a person learns best enables you to share ideas and information with them in a way that will make most sense to them, and result in establishing a deeper connection for you both. This is truly a fascinating topic with striking implications for building relationships, and Matt and Garrett are excited to share it all with you today.


They begin by explaining the three learning modalities in order of prevalence, how books can be designed to appeal to these modalities, and how to determine the dominant modality in another person through questioning. Our hosts then engage in a thorough examination of ways to deepen your relationship with others once you know their dominant modality, and also how to ensure that all of your processes incorporate all three modalities in order to connect with the largest audience possible. Once again going far beyond the realm of real estate, Matt and Garrett share information and advice here today that will, of course, improve your business, but more importantly, effectively deepen the relationships you have with your people overall.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Visual learning
  •   Kinesthetic learning
  •   Auditory learning
  •   How books can be designed to appeal to the three modalities
  •   Asking questions to determine the dominant modality of your clients
  •   Formatting your questions to appeal to their learning modality
  •   How knowing modalities will affect relationships in your business and personal life
  •   When to appeal to all three learning modalities
  •   Restaurant menus and learning modalities
  •   Phil Greely’s use of iPads with clients and the many referrals it generated
  •   Why postcards do so well
  •   Checking all of your processes to see if you can incorporate all three modalities into them




“The biggest one is visual.”


“Showing is better than telling.”


“The last one is auditory.”


“Just because we’re dominant on one…doesn’t mean that we can’t use the others.”


“If you talk books with people you can actually kind of get a sense of who they are.”


“If you know the learning modality you can ask those questions in that format.”


“You will help them engage more.”


“Mark this down on your contacts.”


“How do I change that question to their learning modality?”


“Naturally, people will say things that are geared towards their primary learning modality.”


“When you send a postcard, you’re able to hit on visual and kinesthetic right there, which encompasses a lot of people.”


“Every auditory person, their second modality is either kinesthetic or visual.”


“You’re going to increase your chances of communicating well if you’re using all three in your auto-flow.”


“This is one of those components that you start to practice when you’re focused on being elite.”



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