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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 29, 2020

Today, Matt and Garrett are here to remind you of what you need to be focusing on, not just part of the time, or during certain parts of the year, but all of the time, and that is ‘wowing’ and ‘loving on’ the people you are currently working with. Not only does it make the real estate transaction process more positive and enjoyable for them, it also has great potential for increased referrals for you as well, and today’s episode is filled with practical suggestions to make this happen.


Our hosts begin by discussing the remarkably important statistic regarding the number of opportunities for referrals throughout the entire transaction process, move on to looking at how the ‘80/20 Rule’ helps your focus, and then share numerous inventive and practical ideas you can implement immediately and build into your process to show your current clients ‘the love’. They also explore the importance of making connections with these people, the two times during the transaction that they are likely to make a referral, and the mutual benefits inherent in ‘wowing’ them. Any time one of our hosts is taking notes while listening to our other host during the podcast, you can be certain that golden nuggets of advice are being shared, and that is precisely what happens here today, making this yet another ‘must listen’ episode.


Episode Highlights:


  •   The four opportunities for referrals during each real estate transaction with current clients
  •   How the ‘80/20 Rule’ helps your focus
  •   Some ideas for ‘loving on’ your current clients and those in front of you
  •   The importance of making connections with current clients
  •   The two times when the referral is most likely to come
  •   The mutual benefits of ‘wowing’ your current clients




“During the real estate transaction…they will have four, and the word ‘opportunity’ is the really big word here you’ve got to remember, four opportunities to refer said real estate agent.”


“You don’t ever want to base your relationship off of ‘What’s my highest return?’ It’s not a healthy thing to do.”


“That is fun stuff that just propels your business on such a bigger level.”


“We’re wowing them through this process.”


“Think of what your business would look like if every single person you’re working with gave you at least 1, maybe 2, and, oh my gosh, what if you got 3 referrals from every person?”


“This is turning into a very lovely ‘love on each other’ podcast.”


“Most of my referrals that I got from active clients when I was listing and selling real estate came at the beginning of a relationship.”


“That is what really creates value, is the connection, because it shows you’re paying attention and it shows you care.”


“Prove them right that they made the right decision.”


“Let’s do more than just the transaction with these people, because they’re going to benefit more from it as well.”



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