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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 25, 2020


Have you ever experienced a level of service so good that it seemed like magic, and you were left wondering just how they did it? Well, that’s precisely what Matt and Garrett discuss in today’s episode, as they pull back the curtain and let you in on how the highest level of real estate magic and mastery is achieved.


Looking at examples of those who are experiencing amazing success in today’s market, our hosts reveal that the magic these people are demonstrating now is actually the culmination of a great deal of preparation on their part, as well as working the systems for many years in advance. Matt and Garrett also emphasize the importance of researching your client as thoroughly as your market, and committing to get to a higher level of mastery in the ‘tricks’ and processes you have already established. Magic is all about the actions and preparation you don’t see, but as you listen to today’s episode, all will most certainly be revealed.


Episode Highlights:


  • Working the systems leads to ‘magic’
  • Mastering this art and the proper mindset
  • The time, effort, and work you don’t see behind the ‘magic’
  • The importance of researching the people you are working with
  • Getting to a different level of mastery in your ‘tricks’ and process




“Magic’s the feeling – mastery is the talent or skill sets, if you will.”


“It’s not an accident…it’s about what you don’t see.”


“How did you find the perfect house for us the first time we went out?”


“The way you get the raving fans, the way that people start talking to other people about your show, your process, is to exceed expectations.”


“Let’s shoot for that top, top tier of service so that people do feel like it’s magic what we’re performing.”


“What do you want to improve in your business right now?”


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