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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 26, 2023

Today, Garrett and Matt explore a topic that is beneficial to absolutely everyone regardless of what business they are in, namely the concept of the Law of Procession - a fascinating idea that involves taking conversations in a 90-degree direction to create waves of positive energy. Together, our hosts emphasize the importance of not just making surface-level connections but going deeper, learning more about people, and asking questions like, "Tell me more about that." 

The episode draws a parallel between this practice and the act of throwing rocks into a pond where each conversation is like a rock causing ripples, illuminating the significance of being genuinely interested in others and opening doors to meaningful connections. Matt and Garrett also provide actionable advice on how to keep the ripples alive, ensuring that the impact of your interactions extends far beyond the initial conversation. Throughout their conversation, they encourage listeners to embrace this practice, emphasizing that it transcends industries and is applicable to anyone seeking to make a meaningful impact. Be sure to follow the Law of Procession here today, and witness the power of intention, authenticity, and continuous engagement in keeping the pond of life vibrant and active, ensuring that those ripples of positivity reach far and wide.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The Law of Procession

  • Learning more about people and opening doors to meaningful connections

  • Throwing rocks in the pond

  • Being genuinely interested in others and taking actions to foster connections

  • Intention and authenticity

  • The Law of Procession transcending industries

  • Continuous engagement



"The win is not the act of throwing the rock into the pond. The win is how far are these ripples now expanding out from the impact that we made?"

"It's not just about going, 'Okay, I learned something about the family, I learned something about the occupation, the recreation, the dreams.' Take that thing that you learned and go one step deeper and say, 'Tell me more about it.'"

"The more you show interest, the more you show connection and concern, the more that will then affect them when they go out and talk to all the people around them."

"The intention that you bring with throwing these rocks is very important as well.”

“This is not about rocking the boat; this is energy waves going out that are positively affecting the world around you."



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