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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jul 21, 2022

On today's episode, Matt and Garrett explore the appearance of false flats in the current marketplace, including what they are and how they are affecting decision-making in the real estate world. Along the way, they provide tips on navigating a false flat and keeping your business booming during and after its occurrence.

Opening up with a discussion about false flats, our hosts provide a cycling example and explain how false flats appear in real estate markets. They also discuss why many realtors and clients are making wrong calls hastily, and explain how to react when there is a false flat and prepare for what comes after by recharging, refueling, and making your clients aware of the marketplace.

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Episode Highlights:

  • What is a false flat?
  • The false flat present in the marketplace
  • The importance of appropriate pricing and good photography
  • How to react when there is a false flat
  • Refueling from a Ninja aspect
  • How to make your clients aware of the marketplace


After the false flat, many things can happen. You can go around the bend, you can go downhill, or you might continue going uphill.”

This false flat timeframe, there are so many amazing conversations that you can be having with your clients, your database, and the people you work with.”

A false flat can slow things down. And it could lead to some people trying to get ahead and get aggressive which could reduce pricing.”

Doing things in a certain way - launching your listings, guiding your buyers, making sure there's clarity -  becomes crucially important during this phase. Keep your mindset strong, because if you don't, if there is another incline that we hit, or if there's a downhill, you're gonna be in the back of the pack.”

Your job right now is not to predict how you will be successful in the real estate market moving forward. Your number one thing is to figure out how to help your clients be successful in getting to where they want to go.”

During times of uncertainty, during times of change, this is where you get to provide fabled service. This is where you get to be somebody that they are going to look at as their trusted adviser who has deep smarts and understands what's going on. You have that opportunity in your hand right now. Don't miss it.”


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