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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 20, 2023

It’s time for another Coaching Spotlight episode, and this time around the light is shining squarely upon none other than Alexandrea (Allie) Hatley, an exceptional real estate broker-owner hailing from Oakboro, North Carolina. Allie's inspiring journey from her early days in the real estate industry to her flourishing experience with Ninja Coaching is revealed, including the highs and lows she has experienced, and the pivotal role her Ninja coach, Lisa Connors, has played along the way.

Allie's courageous transition from a dental career to pursue her passion in real estate was fueled by a thirst for personal growth and a desire to break free from limitations. Today, she passionately recounts discovering "Ninja Selling" and how, despite initial skepticism, its principles deeply resonated with her. Her dedication to building and nurturing relationships aligns seamlessly with the heart of Ninja, where she creatively fosters community spirit through unique events like helicopter egg drops and Santa Claus visits. Her harmonious integration of personal and professional life, meticulous planning, and the profound partnership with her Ninja coach, Lisa Connors, serve as a testament to her incredible journey of perseverance, self-compassion, mentorship, and a steadfast adherence to the Ninja Selling approach.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Allie’s journey to and in real estate

  • Community engagement and relationship building

  • Achieving harmony by integrating personal and professional life

  • The pivotal role of finding the right mentor or coach

  • Overcoming career challenges with perseverance and self-compassion

  • Allie's discovery and resonance with "Ninja Selling"

  • Allie's innovative community events, personal-professional balance, and mentorship by Lisa Connors



"I want to break that mold that is part of my legacy. And I needed a coach to push me into that direction, help generate creative ideas, and things of that nature."


"It's okay to start all over, but just stay on the path and don't ever get off of it."


"I think Allie might be getting into politics and become the mayor of her town. That's how well-known and loved she is."


"This is a prime example of finding the harmony in all the aspects."


"The heart of Ninja lies in building and nurturing relationships, a concept that immediately resonated with Allie's personable nature."


"Her dedication to community engagement and fostering relationships is an inspiration for all real estate professionals."



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