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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Feb 23, 2024

Welcome to another insightful installment in Matt and Garrett’s Ninja Coaching Spotlight series  where, today, they delve into the extraordinary journey of realtor Travis Beers from Denver, Colorado. Together with his coach, Jon Hill, Travis shares details of this journey, revealing the highs and lows of his real estate career but also highlighting the profound influence of community engagement, intentional relationship-building, and strategic planning. Through Travis's experiences, listeners discover the transformative power of both Ninja techniques in navigating market fluctuations and regaining control, and of Ninja Coaching as well.

Travis's story is a testament to the synergy between authenticity and consistent action, fueled by the strategic insights provided by his coach. From his active participation in community sports like volleyball and pickleball to the strategic implementation of Ninja systems such as Autoflow, Travis exemplifies the importance of mindset, systems, and community engagement in driving sustainable growth. As you will hear, this latest episode in the Spotlight series not only underscores the significance of relationships, authenticity, and humor in client interactions, but also sheds light on the profound impact of Ninja coaching in achieving business success and personal growth. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • Travis's journey to embracing Ninja strategies and coaching

  • Engagement in community sports as a foundation for business development

  • Integration of Ninja systems and intentional relationship-building

  • Reflecting on proactive lead generation and the impact of Ninja principles

  • Evolution of business strategies and the role of mindset in overcoming challenges

  • Emphasizing authenticity, consistency, and community engagement

  • Leveraging platforms like social media and Client Giant for client engagement

  • Effectiveness of social media strategies, authenticity, and humor in client interactions

  • The value of attending events for fostering connections



"Over 95% of my business is volleyball."

"Travis exemplifies the power of authenticity and consistent action in cultivating lasting connections and driving business success."

"Not everybody's commenting or hitting the like button, but people are seeing it."

"You want to work with your friends and build a business around your friends."

"Embrace opportunities beyond traditional marketing strategies."

"Continuous improvement is key."



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