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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 30, 2023

In this engaging episode of the Ninja Selling Podcast, hosts Garrett and Matt provide valuable insights for real estate professionals gearing up for success in 2024. They begin by sharing a variety of learning opportunities regarding business planning that are available through Ninja Selling. They then go on to emphasize the critical importance of crafting a sustainable business plan that focuses on controllable actions and maintains a long-term perspective. By drawing parallels between business planning and racing on a track, the hosts underscore the necessity of consistency and adaptability. 

Throughout the discussion, they encourage listeners to build a clear vision, identify controllables, and implement a well-structured marketing plan. Furthermore, they stress the significance of calendar management and regular evaluation to stay on track with business goals. By urging listeners to embrace adaptability and treat their real estate endeavors as true businesses, Matt and Garrett provide a comprehensive guide to achieving success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

So many more invaluable lessons can be learned by joining the more than 13,000 Ninjas who collaborate, ask and answer questions, network, and more in the Ninja Selling Podcast group on Facebook at Ninja Selling Podcast Facebook. Leave a voicemail at 208-MY-NINJA if you’d like to offer more direct feedback. Be sure to check out Ninja Selling Events for upcoming installations and other events, and if you’d like personalized help in achieving your goals, visit Ninja Coaching to connect with one of our fantastic coaches.


Episode Highlights:

  • Ninja Selling business planning education opportunities

  • Business planning's pivotal role in achieving success in the upcoming year

  • Identifying controllables as the cornerstone of a robust real estate business

  • Advocating sustainable strategies for long-term prosperity

  • Prioritizing relationship-building within your comprehensive business plan

  • The need for goal-setting and aligning actions with future visions

  • The importance of consistency and sustainable approaches

  • Creating dynamic business plans

  • Treating real estate as a true business venture



"Your plan is not the goals. The plan is: What can you control to achieve the goals?"

"Keep your energy up around your controllables and keep your focus on your controllables because those produce the results no matter what."

"Am I building this around things that are the quick shot in the arm… or am I building my plan around things that are long-term sustainable?"

"The bank is a person also. So if all you get out of it is an amazing relationship with the bank manager, it's just as valuable and awesome as all the other relationships out there."

"Once you have a really successful plan, it's not about rebuilding the entire plan every single year. And business planning does become easier and easier and easier as you move forward."

"What we want is we want faster lap times. That's what we want."



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