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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Feb 29, 2024

In the latest episode, hosts Matt and Garrett delve into the critical concept of playing "the long game" within the real estate industry. Drawing upon recent interactions to underscore the importance of establishing a resilient presence in the market, they advocate for a strategic approach, emphasizing the need for agents to prioritize durability over flashy tactics. Likening successful businesses to sturdy boats that can weather any storm, the duo highlights the essential role of building robust relationships and the value of effective database management to foster meaningful connections with clients and prospects.

As they explore various themes, our hosts emphasize continuous education as a cornerstone of success in real estate, urging agents to invest in ongoing learning to stay ahead in a competitive market landscape. Reflecting on recent market shifts, they underscore the importance of adaptability, and encourage agents to evolve their strategies to thrive amidst changing conditions. Our hosts go on to recommend embracing challenges as opportunities for growth,  championing resilience and determination in navigating the complexities of the industry. With a focus on consistent, intentional actions, they advocate for prioritizing daily efforts aimed at building relationships and delivering value to clients. Ultimately, today’s episode reminds agents to maintain a long-term perspective and to steer clear of short-term distractions and external pressures in order to ensure enduring success.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Prioritizing durability in business strategies over flashy tactics

  • The critical role of database management

  • Continuous education and investment in knowledge and expertise

  • Adapting and evolving strategies

  • Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth

  • Consistent, intentional actions to build relationships and deliver value to clients on a daily basis

  • Maintaining a long-term perspective

  • Staying focused on goals amid short-term trends and external pressures



"Building a durable business means prioritizing deep relationships over flashy tactics."

"Your database is the foundation of your business - invest in it wisely."

"Success in real estate is about playing the long game and embracing challenges along the way."

"Focus on daily actions that strengthen your business and provide value to your clients."

"Let's make sure this boat is built the way that we want to build it so we can weather anything that's coming in front of us."



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